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  • Shiba Inu Emergency Announcement

    Shiba Inu Emergency Announcement

    This is an Emergency Announcement to the Shiba Inu Burn Rate Portal. If we can get 3 Million users per day every day to visit this website that your on, I will donate and use half my earnings on a daily basis that I earn from the ads of this website with daily posts on it saying i.e "Shiba Inu Burn, Day 1" with the image of proof sent to Shiba's Dead Wallet for everyone to see. I announced on Twitter that I needed a minimum of 100,000 users, we actually need 3 million users every single...
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  • Shiba Inu Coin Rally Is Going Crazy !!!

    Shiba Inu Coin Rally Is Going Crazy !!!

    Shiba Inu is on fire right now, moving and behaving very differently and uniquely than all Cryptocurrencies combined. It is moving that way because of upcoming releases and Eth Whales holding onto this real utility coin that was just recently called a 'meme coin' because of pure speculations over a period of time has proved its legitimacy amongst the ultra wealthy who have been holding onto it for the longest time. I think because it matured and stayed in the top crypto list among other things,...
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  • shiba inu coin Price Prediction End of 2022

    Shiba Inu is nearing its Product Line Launch at the end of September 2022 and I have made some predictions in regards to this marvelous miracilous Shiba...
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  • Buy Shiba Inu NOW

    To all the Rich Wealth-seekers out here, we have an extremely rare situation up in here.

    In my personal oponion, Shiba Inu is going to burst...
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  • Shiba Inu Scoop up

    Shiba Inu Scoop up

    Shiba Inu price is maintaining a balancing act as large wallet investors scoop up the meme coin....
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  • Just Bought $2.1 Million Shares of Shiba Inu

    Just Bought $2.1 Million Shares of Shiba Inu

    To anyone looking to make money, there is a huge opportunity hiding behind closed Millionaire voices.

    Buy Shiba Inu before it starts jumping in the next 12 months, the return on investment is Crazy !
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