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  • Shiba Inu Coin Rally Is Going Crazy !!!

    Shiba Inu Coin Rally Is Going Crazy !!!

    Shiba Inu is on fire right now, moving and behaving very differently and uniquely than all Cryptocurrencies combined. It is moving that way because of upcoming releases and Eth Whales holding onto this real utility coin that was just recently called a 'meme coin' because of pure speculations over a period of time has proved its legitimacy amongst the ultra wealthy who have been holding onto it for the longest time. I think because it matured and stayed in the top crypto list among other things,...
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  • Nigeria tops the list of “nations with most interest in crypto”

    As regulators around the world tighten restrictions on trade involving bitcoin. A positive trend has emerged in developing countries who are keen to buy...
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  • Buy Shiba Inu NOW

    To all the Rich Wealth-seekers out here, we have an extremely rare situation up in here.

    In my personal oponion, Shiba Inu is going to burst...
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  • Luna down to $0, Im Investing Now for the Come Up!

    Luna down to $0, Im Investing Now for the Come Up!

    We just saw what happened to Luna as a result of UST token going down to hell. Something to consider and a lesson learnt by all digital crypto founders and blockchain tech Coders. We need reserves backed by real digital coins so we dont see what we saw happen over the weekend. That was really bad. Owner of luna is planning to get backed bitcoin and other tokens to back this digital coin so it never happens again and so that other coins learn from that so they dont head to a massive crash.
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  • Bitcoin Is on a Massive Short

    Bitcoin Is on a Massive Short

    Bitcoin is on a steep downward spiral, the likes we've not seen before. This gives me nostalgic feeling when you missed the boat the 1st time when you didnt invest in Bitcoin 12 years ago. Here's your 2nd chance at Bitcoin to invest. I cant tell you the timing, should you wait until it goes to 10k or ..? That is up to you. Before crypto becomes a real life utility exchange digital money system, here's ur 2nd chance in life in terms of Bitcoin. Are you gonna miss the boat the 2nd time? Invest now!...
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  • Ahab Goldberg
    started a topic Elon Musk Buyout

    Elon Musk Buyout

    Its OFFICIAL. Elon Musk Now Owns Twitter.
    What do you think?...
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  • Shiba Inu Scoop up

    Shiba Inu Scoop up

    Shiba Inu price is maintaining a balancing act as large wallet investors scoop up the meme coin....
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  • Just Bought $2.1 Million Shares of Shiba Inu

    Just Bought $2.1 Million Shares of Shiba Inu

    To anyone looking to make money, there is a huge opportunity hiding behind closed Millionaire voices.

    Buy Shiba Inu before it starts jumping in the next 12 months, the return on investment is Crazy !
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  • Fedcoin: The New Federal Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency

    Fedcoin: The New Federal Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency

    What is Fedcoin?

    Fedcoin is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that runs on the blockchain. Many Central Banks are interested in using CBDCs because of their potential to modernize payments, create interbank settlement systems, make micropayments more convenient and provide faster verification times. Central banks see these advantages as enticing and believe they could help solve some fundamental problems in our current payment system like high transaction fees, delays across borders...
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  • Binance US | What is Binance & What Does It Do?

    Binance is a digital currency exchange that allows users to trade between cryptocurrencies. Binance has recently released their Binance US trading platform...
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  • Cryptocurrency | Buying & Investing in Crypto 2021+

    Cryptocurrency, or digital currency, is a financial asset that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions and control the creation of new coins....
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