How To Set Up Amazon Affiliate Links On Your Website



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  • How To Set Up Amazon Affiliate Links On Your Website

    In this short article, I am going to explain to you very clearly how to make money with Affiliate Marketing/Links and set up.

    1. Visit Amazon Associates and sign up/create an account.

    2. Fill out the information required.

    3. At the top of Amazon's application, there's something called Amazon Associated ID. All that is, is the name of your affiliate account. So when you see it, dont get confused. Your Amazon Associates ID is whatever you want to name your Amazon Affiliate Profile. I.e JohnMarketing or whatever name you want to call it.

    4. Once completed, they will take you to the billing section where you input your bank account details so they know what to pay you. If you live in a country that Amazon has not listed, you could do 2 things.

    A. Get paid via cheque sent to your mailing address or..

    B. Find out if your bank has a branch in the available countries that amazon has listed. Example, Amazon does not have Australia on the list, but if you have a bank in Australia and that bank happens to have a branch in the united states, then you can select united states. Fill in your banking details.

    C. If you get stuck with the routing number and you live in a country where Amazon has not made available like Australia as an example, go to your online banking app and click the live chat button inside your online banking. You will usually get an AI robot answering your query. Just say Your banks routing number and the AI Robot will give you it's bank routing number. Try to not use google to find out, you will most likely get the wrong number. Use your live chat with the AI Agent and they will give it to you on the spot.

    D. Once they give it to you, input it in the billing information section.

    When your done, they will take you to your Amazon Affiliate Profile where you will be ready to create affiliate links made as codes.

    There are 3 types of Amazon Ad types ( Affiliate links ) that you can choose from.

    1. There are recommendation Ads
    2. Search Ads
    3. Custom Ads

    My advice, pick number 1 Recommendation ads, they are the best and they also provide a native shopping look to it, to make it look normal, natural and attractive on your site.

    Once done, choose your category of products.
    Do Not Choose more than 2 categories or the code and affiliate links Will Not Work. Only select 2 categories per affiliate ad.

    Before you finish, give a name to the category that you selected. Once done, copy the code they made for you.

    If your using wordpress, go to plugins and search for "Ad Inserter." Download it, install it and activate it. Once done, copy and paste the code in that plugin.

    You should be able to see Amazon products after saving the settings. Sometimes it won't show on your mobile due to ad blocker on your mobile browser, but you'll be able to see it on a laptop or other devices.

    Your done, eazy peezy !
    Now get going to make money online.