Id like to share with anyone who's interested in getting approved with Google Adsense if you have a website. There's too many threads out here on google search with people having questions and answers to this problem, and I can finally give a very clear answer to anybody who really needs to hear this.

Firstly, it's more about how old is your website rather than anything else.

So for this website I created "Make Money Online", its 6 months old.

So the answer is, your website needs to be 6 months old before google adsense approves your site.

1. Your site needs to be 6 Months old
2. Your site should have 30 Posts

I also have 35 posts, I think you need atleast 1,000 words on your site/blog, or around 30 posts based on my research. But again, what's more important is the age of your website before you worry about anything else. Once you have hit 6 months old and have sufficient content, then you should be good to go.

I dont have any "About Us" and I only have content/posts on one tab bar page. Other pages, I have no content.

So Id like to debunk anything you read about scenarios of people saying you need this and you need that. The answer is you dont need any of that, i.e about us page, GDPR or fill out content in other pages if you have other pages that has no content. Again, the proof is on this website as you can see from the time of this writting.

So it's more about your site needing to be 6 months old and have a few content written on it. Go for 30 posts/1000 words just to be on the safe side.

That's it ! Debunk everything else.