Nvidia GEFORCE Cloud Gaming Has Arrived



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  • Nvidia GEFORCE Cloud Gaming Has Arrived

    The world's most powerful cloud gaming system has arrived in Australia — and its potential is limitless. Level up the way you play and use remote NVIDIA GeForce cloud computing to game anywhere, on any device, in real-time.

    What is that mean? It means you no longer have to download the game or install or update any game because that's all done for you by the Nvidia Gaming Company on their Cloud Service. It also means, if you have a not so good laptop, you can still play with amazing graphics and without your computer crashing because your playing the game on Nvidia's computer servers. So all you do is sign up, and press play, then livestream your gameplay on Youtube to make audience and get paid by Youtube's Partner Program along with sponsored products, payments and affiliate marketing.

    Lets say, things are getting alot easier earning money because your playing High Definition Games on Nvidia's Servers and Livestreaming to Youtube to make audience and get Paid ??? ..

    Just released and arrived to Australian Players.