DWAC Stock Trump Media Company SPAC 500% Up In 10 Days ??


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  • DWAC Stock Trump Media Company SPAC 500% Up In 10 Days ??

    The Stock DWAC Digital World Acquisition Corp Indexed with the NASDAQ Market has recently just jumped 500% since the Trump Media company SPAC went public. The DWAC has been at $9 on average for the longest time until Trumps media company SPAC joined forces and took the stock from $10 on average to a whopping $67.75 in !! 10 DAYS !! so far, which is a multiple of 6 times increase since Trumps Social Company started. We dont know what will happen next, but trumps coming up with another twitter like app to replace his ban from twitter, and I would predict that price stock will multiply even more in the months ahead. Donald Trump just began launching tech companies and indexing them onto the DWAC, so watch that stock very carefully and get in early if you believe it will increase hundreds folds.
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