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  • Make Money on Youtube Shorts

    Hey Guys, just thought of sharing some latest strategies thats going on around Youtube lately.

    Youtube has this NEW beta Testing Tool called Youtube Shorts. Youtube Shorts is a way to compete with Tiktok and other short story video format. Youtube has also offered an incentive for people to start posting Youtube Shorts. Youtube has an incentive fund of $100 Million dollars in it's fund, to promote people to start with Youtube Shorts. However so far as this post is released, to be eligible, you must live in a certain country to be qualified under this program.

    Here are the Eligibility requirements:
    1. Channels need to have uploaded at least one eligible short in the last 180 days.
    2. Creators needs to abide by Youtube's community guidelines, copyright rules and monetization policies.
    3. Creators must upload their own original content.
    4. Creators must be in one of the following countries :
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Nigeria
    • Russia
    • South Africa
    • United Kingdom
    • United States

    For people who don't live in these countries, I would also strongly recommend doing Youtube Shorts because making Youtube Shorts gets you subscribers, which means you can literally start a Youtube channel with 0 subscribers and because of Youtube Shorts, you all of a sudden have thousands of subscribers which means you get to monetize your Youtube Channel after passing the 1000 subscriber requirement in order to be part of Youtube's payment partner program so you can get paid uploading videos. So either way, if you are or if you dont live in the country listed above, its still a win win situation.

    Youtube Partner Program For Payment is NOT Youtube Shorts Funds. They are 2 different things.

    Youtube's Shorts Funds is a Pool of Money given to creators on a monthly basis.

    Youtube's Partner Program is money you get from Advertisements placed on your Videos on Youtube. Ads pay to Youtube and Youtube gives you 68% of it I Believe.

    To make a Youtube shorts, You need to have the word and hashtag in the title of your video.

    Example: " GTA 5 Gameplay #shorts "

    If you dont have #shorts in the title, then Youtube shorts will not work. You also need to get the dimensions right. So go to and pick a Youtube template then click resize, and enter the following custom size.

    1080 by 1920 - then upload your video to canva.
    Do it on ur pc/laptop first. Then download the canva app on your phone to download the video you made on your pc so you can upload your shorts from your phone.

    Quick little note. Youtube shorts recommends doing a 15 second video and max 60 seconds.
    what they dont tell you..? To make a 60 second Youtube shorts, plz make sure the video is 58 to 59 seconds not 60 seconds, as youtube adds an extra 1 second on top of your video. Meaning your Youtube shorts will be 1:01 and it will not be accepted. To know that your Youtube shorts worked inside Youtube's Shorts system, you will see a small thumbnail/watermark of the symbol for Youtube Shorts.

    So that's the latest strategy to Making Money Online.
    Please share and post your own process of How it went for you and please educate people on Youtube Shorts especially if you've done well with it.
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