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  • How Much Does Youtube Pay

    Youtube is the most used video platform in the world and has been for some time. Its reach, demographic and retention are better than any other form of social media. Youtube also pay more than Facebook or Instagram so it's no surprise that many users try to make money from their channel by using YouTube as a source of income generation through Ad Revenue.

    YouTubes Revenue Sources

    ​- Advertisement Monetization - Ads displayed against your video

    - Subscription Revenue Share (Affiliate) - You get a percentage of the profit that Youtube makes from subscriptions for new users you refer.

    YouTubes Monetization model is based on Ad Views and Ad Clicks. In this article, we'll explain how it works, why it works and give a good estimate on how much Youtube paid per view in 2020 based on what we know now.

    Youtube as a whole generated $20 Billion from Google Ads in 2020. That doesn't mean every video will be generating the same amount of ad revenue, far from it. Ad Revenue is earned based on Views or Clicks. The more views a video gets, the total ad revenue earned increases. More Clicks means an increase in Ad Revenue as well, but other factors affect the pay rate at YouTube.

    First, let's look at how YouTube earns its money before they even begin to pay a YouTuber.

    How Youtube makes Money

    YouTube earns its revenue from ads. The main reason why ads are so lucrative is that they can be targeted towards a very specific niche of people. If you have 2 videos that get the same amount of views per month and both play ads, which one do you think will generate more revenue? The answer is the one with more views because YouTube can show more ads on it over time and therefore generates more ad money. The issue of the niche also arises because that is what determines the target audience.

    So what makes a video more likely to be clicked on?

    Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    How much of your ad is being watched by people? This is one of the biggest factors in how much ads are worth and also a very important number when it comes to money-making for content creators. YouTube rewards you based on the quality of your video and how people react to it. If a lot of people click the ads, you make more revenue.

    What is the Youtube Click through Rate?

    Ok, so you're probably wondering what the CTR for youtube ads are right now. It's hard to find exact numbers but a report in 2021 by eMarketer put the CTR at somewhere around 10%.

    Have you ever wondered how much does YouTube pay in 2021?

    You might have seen many YouTubers make millions of bucks per month from your favorite video channels.

    The question is, can you do that as well? Can an ordinary person like me or you by just making and uploading videos onto YouTube generate tons of money?

    What is the highest payout per thousand views that YouTubers make?

    How much is the average pay per view on YouTube in 2021?

    According to many sources, sometimes even from official sources like Youtube themselves, there are no definite or exact numbers as a standard. Some YouTubers and channel owners claim they make $2 for every 1000 views. Others say they make $0.60. Or $1 per 1000 subscribers, or $50 CPM (Cost Per Mille = cost for every thousand views), and even $100 CPM?

    What are the actual numbers?

    What is the exact amount of money YouTubers make per 1000 views? How much can I expect to earn by just making videos on YouTube in terms of money?

    A few facts before we write on this article:

    · YouTube paid content creators more than $2 billion in 2020.

    · In Q2, advertisers spent more than double on YouTube ads as they did a year ago.

    · According to the CNBC report, pre-roll video ads that appear before other creators' videos drew $5 million alone.

    · We know that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world with over 1 billion users.

    · People already spent more time on Youtube than any other platform, only Netflix has a bigger share of online viewing by its subscribers, according to data from Ampere Analysis. This shows that people are spending more and more time watching videos on YouTube.

    · The rise in viewership of YouTube is evident from the fact that according to the Tubular Labs report, 300 YouTube channels now make $100,000 or more each year.

    What we discovered after compiling this article

    How much Youtube pays is a big question and the answer to this question has been a mystery for years. Even if you google it, you will not get an accurate answer. But we managed to compile all opinions of 80 people including content creators, experts in marketing and many others who are directly involved with the online advertising industry. These opinion holders have worked in the digital marketing industry for many years and have generated revenue through Youtube.


    It's easy to get frustrated with YouTube. If you have a channel that has never reached 10,000 or even 1,000 subscribers and you are still a "no-name". Then all of a sudden, your videos started getting demonetized left and right.

    If so, then you must be confused as to how much do you get paid on YouTube.

    The sad fact is that there's no clear answer to this question. That's because the amount of money you are going to make depends on a large variety of factors. We'll examine some of those factors which can affect how much revenue you are going to bring in as a YouTuber.

    So it may seem like it's easy to make money on YouTube, right? If you have a video that gets millions of views, then that should translate into thousands of dollars per year.

    I will tell you in just a moment why this is not true and why you shouldn't focus on views when it comes to how much do you get paid on YouTube. But first, let us go back and see why it's not that easy to make money on YouTube with videos that get millions of views.

    Why you shouldn't focus on the number of views?

    YouTube is a video hosting service. It doesn't have a financial interest in your channel since it does not sell any products or services directly. So, their main goal is to increase the number of videos that people watch. That's why your channel will be demonetized if you have inappropriate content and/or your video can be a target for copyright claims by third party companies.

    So why then do they let you share revenue with them?

    Well, they have an agenda and that is to increase the number of hours people spend on their site. The more time people spend watching videos, the more adverts they are going to watch. Those adverts make YouTube money.

    But if you get demonetized because your videos got copyrighted or were otherwise inappropriate and/or you can't monetize them, then you are in essence spending your time and effort to make YouTube money without sharing any of the revenue with them.

    That's why it's not that easy to make money on YouTube if you have a video that gets a lot of views. You got to look at what people watch and how they watch it rather than just the number of views.

    How much do you get paid on YouTube: The factors that affect your income?

    In a nutshell, there are 3 ways to make money on YouTube and you can use all three or just one of them: You can monetize your videos using ads; you can get people to buy your products and services through your website using affiliate links, and you can get sponsored or paid to promote other people's products or services.

    It depends on how much money the video brings in overtime. No matter what kind of income it is, here are the factors that influence how much money exactly:

    Length of the video.

    Video length is one of the biggest factors that affect how much money you are going to make on YouTube. The longer your videos are, the more time people will spend watching them and therefore, the more adverts they will watch. In general, here's how it works:

    1 min = 0.5 - 2$ per 1000 views.

    3 mins = 1 - 3$ per 1000 views.

    2-10 mins = 5 - 10$ per 1000 views.​ How long your video is should not be the deciding factor as to how much money you make on YouTube, though.

    Watch time (engagement) is a better metric.

    If people watch your videos for longer, that means they are engaged and if you make it worth their time, then chances are they will subscribe to your channel and share your content with their friends and family which will increase the number of views on a video. And the more views, the more money you make.

    Video quality.

    The quality of the video is closely related to watch time. The better quality your videos are, the more people will watch them and stay engaged with what they see. And that means they will be more likely to subscribe, share your content and in general enjoy watching it which will increase the ad revenue.

    Channel Age

    When you start making videos, you will likely make some mistakes and that's fine if you learn from them. But as soon as people see that YouTube allow questionable content on their site, it will put them off subscribing to your channel and watching your videos. So, try to be consistent with your posting schedule, upload quality content and make your channel look like a place people want to be.


    Some niches are more lucrative than others. For instance, if a channel is about product review, there is a high probability that the people watching are interested in buying a certain product making it effective to advertise to them. Lifestyle channels are also high earners because they provoke the thought of spending money to live better.

    How many videos do you have on your channel?

    The more videos you have on your channel the better it looks (more gets seen). More views = more money but it also helps if the video you are uploading is related to other videos you have already uploaded. So for example, if you make a video about 'how to play the guitar', it would be better to upload that as the first video on your channel rather than uploading another video first and then uploading the guitar lesson. This way your subscribers will see it right away when they visit your page and have a chance of watching it, rather than it getting buried.


    YouTube rewards its YouTubers based on where their videos are watched. Some countries like the U.S and many European countries are rewarded more based on the value they bring. Naturally, people from these counties have a greater probability of buying the advertised products or services. Cayman Island has for long time been on the top for a long time.

    Here is a Breakdown of How Each Niche Earns you On YouTube

    1.Channels on Making money online earn you a CPM of $13.52.

    2.Social media marketers on Youtube get paid a CPM of $12.41.

    3.Channels dealing with finances and investment receive a CPM of $12.25.

    4.Tutorial videos get a CPM of $9.89.

    5.If you are a photographer or you produce video, expect a CPM of $7.31.

    6.Car review and car mechanics channels get rewarded a CPM of $4.23.

    7.The lifestyle niche receives a CPM of $3.47.

    8.Fashion design and clothing-related channels get a CPM of $3.13.

    9.General entertainment including comedy clips, drama, vlogs, reality shows get a CPM of $2.74.

    10.Cooking channels and anything involved for instance gardening receives a CPM of $2.50.

    11.One of the most lucrative niches technology and technology gadgets receive a CPM of $2.39.

    12.Product reviews and general reaction videos receive a CPM of $2.03.

    13.When it comes to weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding channels on YouTube, they get a CPM of $1.60.

    14. Music receives a CPM of $1.46.

    15. Another niche with many YouTubers is video gaming, and it earns a CPM of $1.40. Some of the highest earners come from this niche.

    If you would like to start a YouTube channel, you need to be prepared and have a strategy of how to grow your channel. Chose a niche that is high paying but most of all, do what you love. When something comes out of you naturally, there is a possibility that many people will like it and subscribe to your channel.