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  • How To Make Money With Digital Products

    There are many ways to make money online. Selling digitals products is one of them. The number of people selling products online has risen in recent years. This can be attributed to many reasons like the ease of delivery of the products.

    Competition has increased, and players have had to up their game. Whether you want a full-time business or just a passive income source, digital products sale will offer that and more. There are some things worth knowing before venturing into this type of business.

    What Is A Digital Product?

    These are virtual assets you can sell online without the need for inventory. They are intangible, and their value lies in their uses. They are sold through download or streaming platforms.

    Why sell digital products?

    Being in the online products business has its advantages. These advantages mainly lie in the fact that one does not need a physical store or an inventory.

    Low Investment Compared To Returns

    With a little creativity and focus, you can create an amazing digital product. The available online marketplaces for these products are very economical.

    Compared to brick and mortar stores, e-commerce tools can be said to be free. You will also not need an inventory. This means the financial potential of your products will be high.

    2. High-Profit Margins

    Once you create a product, that’s it. You will never need to create more units. This means you will lake in profits without any extra effort. This added to the fact that you do not pay rent for any store means money will never miss you.

    3. Perfect Passive Income Source

    Do you love your job too much to quit? Do not worry because the sale of online products is automated. You can continue working as your digital investment lakes in massive revenue.

    4. It Can Reach Even Consumers Globally

    Some people have ideas for creating amazing products. They create products for a specific target market, and the product gains consumer acceptance—the dream fiddles when the market becomes too small compared to supply or ability to supply.

    With digital products, you can reach consumers worldwide. Geographical limitations do not apply in the online products business.

    4. There Is Potential For Growth

    Governments are encouraging their citizens to embrace technology. Education is slowly moving to the online space. The demand for more online products is expected to continue rising as more people move their operations online.

    How Do You Create Digital Products?

    Do you want to earn money online? Like any other business idea, online products need time for thought. Deciding on the product can be overwhelming. Getting stuck in the middle is very much likely since you are unaware of what the market needs. There are various ways and steps you can follow to decide on what to offer the world.


    Write all your ideas down. Do not discriminate; no idea is bad. Compare the products on your list and think of the market size for each product. Try not to overthink things; you don't need to be an expert to make money online.

    Ask yourself these questions.Do customers need help with any product? You can select knitting products. Offering to teach them better knitting methods would be good. They will want to learn an advanced knitting technique.Can you offer people help with things related to any industry? Select, for example, electronics. You can create a program to teach people safer ways to use potentially dangerous electronics.By what values do you live? You can create a course on healthier living and better mental health.How can you bring consumers of specific products together? Let’s say wine drinkers. You can hold an online wine tasting event. A program on safe wine consumption will be a good idea too.What do you do best? This can be your job. If you are a chef, teach people how to cook. If you are a mechanic, create a course on better management of personal cars.

    2. Do some research

    Some digging will help you make informed decisions. The pain points in an industry are very good pointers for what the people need. Please enquire about the topics that excite the masses and make them want to pay.

    Educational products serving these topics will be a good start. When you know the problems people cannot deal with, sell them programs to help them overcome. There are multiple places you can get these answers.Join Facebook groups hosting your target market. Critically analysing the posts will give you an idea of what the market needs. Select the groups wisely to avoid wasting time on non-useful content.People are involved in industry forums that align with their hobbies and communities. Having ears in these forums will give you a broader understanding of what people in specific industries need.Reviews are a free and easy source of information on customer preferences in a certain product line. Please read them and see what the customer is saying. The customer is king, and knowing what the king needs is the best way to know what to serve him.There are blogs for almost every industry. These websites offer variable information on the current trends and what is selling most. Comments on product posts online will also be of use here.Ask your friends in various fields what their customers complain about the most.

    3. Validate Your Idea

    Do not commit yourself to an idea before ensuring it is solid. Validation reduces the chances of the idea backfiring. The last thing you want is to commit to a project that fails to take off.

    There are several ways to validate ideas.The number of people searching a particular topic online will give an idea of how popular it is. You can find out how many people search your intended topic through keyword tools. You will know the opportunity size for your products.Use Google trends to gauge the market’s interest in a particular topic. This way, you will be able to anticipate growth in interest.

    You can decide to test the waters with a smaller version of the idea. Offer it to friends and ask for feedback. Improve your product gradually as more people come on board.

    Examples Of Digital Products

    Do you want an answer on how to make money online? Create digital products. There are many online products available in the market. We cannot mention all of them, for they are very many.


    Producing eBooks is considered the easiest way to make money online. Creators are very fond of this product. Customers, too, cannot seem to get enough. With a properly written text with the relevant images, you are good to go.

    The distribution of eBooks via large marketplaces is simple. Easy reading of eBooks on mobile phones and tablets has increased their demand. This is an opportunity for you to share all you know and are passionate about in text form. You can improve existing content and sell it as your own.

    2. Software

    The software industry, aside from being enormous, is constantly in growth. Opportunities in this industry are endless, considering problems needing solving come up every day. Armed with the knowledge of coding, anyone can create products worth customers’ money.

    Almost everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, or computer these days. All these people need you to create apps and software for them.

    3. Video

    One popular and effective way to deliver content online is video. Video can deliver information in an informative and entertaining way. Compared to text, video is relatively more engaging. Its consumption by the click of a button is easier. If you believe your public speaking skills can sell, put your recording and editing skills to work.

    4. Music And Audio

    People are always willing to listen to informative and entertaining content. If utilized effectively, audio can be a powerful medium for passing content to audiences. There are different audio digital products you can look at.Musical samplesAudiobooksForeign language lessonsRecorded lectures

    5. Courses

    E-Learning seems to be the newest route to education. Its popularity has surpassed expectations. Traditional learning institutions, too, have warmed up to the idea. Educational programs are all over the internet. The courses are sold in one-ff courses, collection of courses or subscriptions. Creating online courses can be your next big thing.

    6. Tickets

    Though slightly different from other digital products in terms of tangibility and acceptability period, tickets are sold similarly to other online products. Customers select their preferred tickets from a website and receive them independently. These tickets gain them access to conferences, museums, and other places.

    7. Photography

    If you can deliver high-quality and premium photos, then you are in business. Bloggers and website owners are always in search of these products. Though the market is flooded with cheap and free photos, high-quality products can still command decent prices. You can beat stock sites by selling your photos on your website, where you can control prices.

    Where Can I Sell My Digital Products Online?

    You can sell your products from your website. It is a very smart way to sell tickets. This is, however, difficult if your website does not have traffic. If you have yet to have enough visitors to your site, you can partner with digital product sales platforms. These platforms, however, charge you charge fees in exchange for the customers they get you.

    You can create digital storefronts on E-commerce platforms like Shopify and Thinkific. It will act as your shop, and only your products are listed. From here, you can sell your videos, audio, photos, etc. They charge a fee for the freedom to use your branding on the store. They do not take any other cuts from your revenue.

    There are other marketplaces like Amazon and Skillshare. They stock your product on their digital shelves and avail it to the millions of customers who visit their site. The exposure, however, comes at a price. They take a portion of your revenue and also stock your products alongside those of your competitors. They are, however, useful platforms to get your name out there. Here you can sell How-to-guides, eBooks, online courses, and craft designs.

    Software developers can sell their products on sites like FastSpring. The platform sells the product on your behalf in exchange for a small fee.

    Shopify has an affiliate, FetchApp, that sells videos.

    Marketing Tips For Selling Digital ProductsCreate a quality product. Consumers will only buy products that add value to their lives. Free content is all over the web. The only way to beat it is to create a product customers won't find anywhere else.Use the lead magnet technique. This is simply creating a light version of your product and offering it for free. This will give you an email list that will come in handy when you launch other products. The word free builds trust between you and potential customers.Influencer partnerships. Getting influencers to try and promote your product will build trust among your customers.Choose the name wisely. Consult marketers before settling on a name. This will save you from the damage caused by having a different name from what the product does.Set reasonable prices. In sales, pricing means a lot. A proper price should not be too low or too high. Too high prices will push customers away, while too low prices will raise suspension regarding authenticity.The pre-order method. Early-bird sales are a great way to get feedback before fully launching a product. Offering 50%discounts on the first customers will very much likely push sales.

    Final Thoughts

    The first step to succeeding in any venture is starting. There are numerous digital products you can create, sell and earn money online. Advancement in technology has made making money online even easier. The platforms available to facilitate the sale of digital products are very user-friendly. However, it is important to state that getting to know the terms offered by each online platform is different. Read each site's policy carefully.