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  • How Youtube Pay

    Are you looking forward to being a YouTube celebrity and start making money from home? Well, you should start by having your own YouTube channel. If you already have a YouTube channel, it is high time you begin utilizing the wide range of money-making opportunities available on the internet, such as ads revenue.

    However, here is a point of disclaimer. Today, many people are joining the field of content creation with the perception that they will end up making lots of money through YouTube’s ads revenue. Don’t be tricked into this fantasy and rush into investing your money in creating content. First, it is worth noting that regardless of the thousands of views that your content might get on YouTube, you will not get any ads revenue if people do not click and watch the ads in full. However, that is not to say that YouTube views do not matter.

    That doesn’t mean that you should throw away the idea of being YouTube’s content creator. There are plenty of other means that you can still use to make money online. In this article, we have tabled for you the best ways, with step-by-step guidelines, that you can effectively utilize your YouTube channel to make money. So keep reading.

    1. Join The YouTube Partner Program

    When you become a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you will be able to access exceptional features available on the platform only for the members. In this case, you can either be a partner or just set up an AdSense account and gain views. Either way, you will make money. However, being a partner comes with additional privileges like accessing features such as Super Chat that are significant in straightforwardly attracting your dedicated fans.

    So, how do you join the YouTube Partner Program? The following five simple steps will help you join the YouTube Partner Program.
    • The first step and the prerequisite step is ensuring you have a YouTube channel up and running.
    • Improve the channel’s status to meet the set conditions and regulations of the YouTube Partner Program. That is to say that your YouTube channel needs to have acquired at least one thousand subscribers and at least four thousand watch hours for the last year.
    • Create an AdSense account and linking it to your YouTube channel will be a significant step in monetizing even more than one YouTube channel.
    • Discovering the fresh monetization features is a crucial step for identifying each monetization channel’s eligibility requirements.
    • The final step into becoming a member of the YouTube Partner Program is presenting to current reviews. Here, you will be required to strictly adhere to policies of the YouTube Partner Program, community requirements, and also laws that govern issues of copyright.

    2. Selling Your Merchandise through the Channel

    It is even easier to make money online by reaching out to the potential customers of your products through your YouTube channel. You can sell anything on YouTube as long as it is a legal product or merchandise. Some of the products you can sell here include bags, fashion ware, mugs, tailored furniture, electronics, or even paintings. Remember that regardless of the status of your YouTube channel, whether a huge following or a small following, you can still sell your merchandise through the platform. Even big names such as Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown sell their products through their YouTube channels.

    The trick here is to know how to plan between creating content first or coming up with an entrepreneurship idea first. Any can come first and help you to make money from home if you follow these simple steps.
    • Come up with an outstanding idea of merchandise that can attract your audience’s attention.
    • Find a way to establish a consistent supplier, manufacturer, trader, or dealer of the product you intend to sell.
    • Set up another online platform like a separate website where customers can communicate with you and place orders. You will also need to link the website directly to your YouTube channel for customers’ ease of access.
    • You will need a shelf feature for you to be able to sell your products on the platform. Follow instructions from YouTube on how to activate a YouTube partner merchandise shelf.
    • Promotion is key to any business. Ensure that you add more flavor to your videos by creating content that has multiple aspects, including educative, entertaining, and promotional, on a single video. In the videos, you can also add reviews of customers who have already used the merchandise. Equally important, you should never forget to add the link to your website and a call to action plan in the video description section.

    3. Create unique and creative content that attracts sponsors

    This is one of the popular methods that most influencers on YouTube use to make money online. You need to become an influencer by creating creative content that people love, and multiple brands and companies will come looking for you for endorsements. Youtubers optimize this strategy since they don’t have to share the earnings with YouTube. Once a company or brand comes looking for you due to your popularity in YouTube, you will be able to conduct negotiations with them without the involvement of YouTube. The brand will also send money directly to your bank account or write a cheque for you without involving YouTube anywhere upon signing the contract.

    The only determinant factor, in this case, is your ability to offer the brand a huge audience as a result of being a public figure. Additionally, brands also consider whether you will maintain a constant engagement of a huge audience for them throughout the contract period. You also have to ensure that the content you create has relevance in the market niche. To successfully become a brand ambassador of a certain brand or company, here are the three main steps that you should consider first;
    • Research on the best brands in the market that you can have a partnership with. Make a list and choose the best from the list. It is also important to use agents whose work is connecting influencers to brands. For instance, you can sign up with FameBit, which is an influencer marketing website.
    • After getting a potential brand for partnership, discuss terms of service, sign a contract with them, and immediately start earning by generating a larger audience.

    4. Encourage your audience to participate in fan funding your channel

    Do you know how to make money online directly from your fans? I will tell you how your fans can now be one of your biggest sources of income. There is one thing that you ought to know, though. Most of the platforms where fans can show appreciation by paying you directly are limited to only the YouTube partner program members. Therefore, if you have not signed up for this program, refer to our first point to understand better how to be a member of the program. With this purpose in mind, let’s focus on the potential options you can choose from to activate the fan funding process on your YouTube channel.
    • Super Chat

    The first option is Super Chat from YouTube, a unique feature that YouTubers enjoy using when holding live streams on the YouTube platform. Super Chat features a system that allows your audience to contribute any amount that they wish to your kitty at any time in appreciation for creating quality content and being a role model to many of them.
    • Channel Membership

    Secondly, you have the option of channel membership right at your disposal. Your determination to sign up for the membership will be like a stepping stone to vast opportunities ahead. That said, a subscription to the channel membership will help you make money from home when your viewers express gratitude by supporting your channel through a financial contribution to the channel monthly.

    This is a win-win situation where your viewers expect members-only perks in return. For your YouTube channel to access the channel membership feature, you must also be a member of the YouTube Partner Program.
    • Patreon

    Another option that you can use to allow your viewers to participate in the fan funding process of your YouTube channel is the use of Patreon. Patreon is a membership platform that many YouTube content creators use to earn revenue.

    This is how Patreon works; your fans, viewers, or audience have to purchase monthly subscriptions to your channel. It doesn’t matter the amount a fan may use as the subscription fee since it can range from one dollar to thousands of dollars. That’s is to say that the amount depends entirely on the fans. In return for a subscription, your fans expect to get special rewards.
    • Buy Me A Coffee

    This is another YouTube feature that gives you as a content creator or artist a chance to receive funding in terms of donations and channel membership charges from your fans.

    5. Crowdfunding

    Have you ever heard about a celebrity you know who went on social media platforms to seek financial help to boost their upcoming project? That’s what crowdfunding is all about. It is also a method that celebrities use to make money online. It is worth noting that your YouTube fraternity can come to your aid when you need to complete a particular project, but you have insufficient funds. Even if you are a beginner with a new YouTube channel, you can still use YouTube’s crowdfunding campaign strategy and extend it to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make money online. However, it works best if you already have a significant YouTube influence.

    Feel free to ask your viewers to contribute for you, as it has become a common and acceptable method that fans support their favorite artists. Crowdfunding and fan funding have a close association with each other in that in both cases, YouTubers receive donations from their loyal fans. However, in crowdfunding, there is a small variance since you have to convince and compel your crowdfunding community and other loyal fan bases enough to chip in and aid in completing the project.

    For instance, as a content creator, entertainer or artist, you have to use your high levels of creativity and come up with something like a short film briefing the fans on the state of the project and where you are stuck. You can also explain briefly in the video shooting how you intend to complete the final project. This way, you will be able to trigger your loyal fan’s excitement, and they will end up sympathizing with you and ultimately offer a helping hand. If you need some additional funding to pay actors, purchase better production equipment, or pay a certain producer, the only thing that might be standing in your way is not taking the bold step of initiating a crowdfunding campaign.

    However, the question remains about how to make money online through crowdfunding. Here are the main steps that will help you.
    • Create a crowdfunding account

    From the various crowdfunding sites on YouTube, you are at liberty to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. For instance, you can set up a Patreon site that is ideal for recurrent crowdfunding. However, if your need for crowdfunding comes once in a while, the best sites are Kickstarter or GoFundMe.
    • Promotion

    Promotion of your crowdfunding campaign will accelerate the process, thus achieving your target finances within a shorter period.
    • Extending to other online platforms

    Your crowdfunding campaign will not be complete without pushing your agenda to other online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Final Word

    We are now hopeful that this article has enhanced your general comprehension of how to make money online, particularly through the YouTube platform. It is essential to note that you don’t have to limit yourself to one way of making money from YouTube since you can combine multiples of them to make your earnings even higher. However, before deciding on implementing any of the above methods, it would significantly help if you first established your recognized brand as an influencer which will help you determine your worthwhile negotiating contracts with companies and other brands for endorsements. It would help to create quality content that your viewers will appreciate through fan funding and crowdfunding. Remember that consistency is key to having a steady income through YouTube. That means that you ought to strive to be consistent in delivering creative content that will always leave your audience entertained and informed.