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  • How To Make Money With Digital Marketing

    Since the advent of the internet, marketing has become increasingly digital. From social media to email campaigns, there are many ways businesses can reach their target audience online and sell products or services. One of those methods is through paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords. This post will outline how you can do this and make money with digital marketing.

    1) Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is when somebody markets products from another person's company and gets paid commissions for every sale achieved without having any direct investment in the product itself. This is one of the most common ways bloggers make money if they are promoting different affiliate products. Some marketers make more from affiliate marketing than they do selling their products.

    2) Selling your Products

    This is the simplest form of making money online, and it's all about you. You create a product that solves a problem or meets a need in the market and charge for every sale achieved. By creating a physical or digital commodity, you can start making money immediately after setting up an online store or website to sell your services or products.

    3) Selling other People's Products/Services

    This one works just like affiliate marketing, but in this case, you don't have to worry about creating your content because you are acting as an agent for someone else who already owns the product or service. You are still getting commissions for every sale, but you have to do zero hustle because your only responsibility is to resell other people's products or services through your website.

    4) Selling Ad Space on Your Blog

    Advertising can be an effective way of making money if done right, especially as an online marketer. This one works by selling ad space on your blog or website directly from the advertiser. Some bloggers create their advertising network to deliver ads from different companies and increase revenue instantly, while others get paid per click when displaying ads anywhere on their website content.

    5) Sell Other People's Products through an Ecommerce Store/Website

    Having created a product or service that has become viral in the digital world, you can start selling your products directly without affiliate marketing to get immediate results. Alternatively, you can also set up an eCommerce website and sell other people's products on it if you are sure it will sell well in the market, regardless of whether it is a digital or physical product.

    6) Digital Products

    Suppose you have created something valuable via blogging. In that case, your content might qualify to be marketed as a digital product that can be sold online through different platforms like Clickbank or JVZoo. This type of income can give you more flexibility in easily creating or updating your content while getting paid for every sale achieved.

    7) Paid Reviews/Outreach Campaigns/Lists Creation and Selling

    This one works similar to selling ad space on your blog. Still, it's different because you are selling a product that is supposed to deliver results to your audience. Paid reviews can work well if the company that hires you has Credible Products or Services and can guarantee greater traffic after purchasing one of their products. Outreach campaigns also work very well, especially when they relate directly to your niche. However, you should start building small lists before you become an affiliate, for every person who joins your list is likely to buy later from whatever it is you are selling later on.

    8) Selling Premium Content within Blog Posts

    You can charge readers or listeners to access premium content on each post by buying links like GetResponse, which requires payments before readers gain access to some specific parts of your website. This method is more viable when you have a blog network where the same pay-per-view model might apply to all your posts.

    9) Affiliate Programs

    With affiliate marketing, most affiliates get paid every time someone a member of their affiliate link converts into a sale. Therefore, if you choose to go the easy cash route and recommend products sold through Amazon or eBay that have very high conversion rates without even creating any content for your blog, then this is something worth focusing on because all you need to do is just add your affiliate link in anywhere that you are writing about such products and share it directly with social media followers that follow the same blogs every day without expecting anything in return.

    10) Selling Digital Products through Your Webstore or Blog

    If you have already created valuable digital content and want an easy way to turn it into money, then creating your own store online and promoting that store externally through pay-per-click advertising can be a great way to generate immediate income. In this case, you might want to look into affiliate marketing again so that every time a sale is made from your website or blog, you are credited with the sale instantly.

    11) Teaching Others what You Know via Webinars/Seminars and Selling Products related to Your Knowledge as well as Affiliate Offers

    This one works by hosting free webinars or seminars where you teach people what you know about something, then selling products related to what they just learned from you or even using those same products for additional income through getting paid for every affiliate sale that comes after delivering any of those products. This method could also work very well if you have a popular blog or website and are willing to invest in paid traffic via Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

    12) Selling Your Digital Products on a Commission Basis

    This method leads you to be paid every time your product is sold. You can either get paid flat fees if the platform belongs directly to the company that created the product or their resellers like Clickbank, which allows you to keep 100% of all sales while giving away 50% commission for each sale made through your link with another merchant as its affiliate. To ensure higher commissions when selling any digital products, you might also want to consider looking into Paid Traffic and getting relevant keywords ranked for on Google's first page so that anytime anyone searches those keywords, your content shows up at the top, and you get paid for every person that clicks on your link to do so.

    13) Selling Digital Products on a Hybrid Model of Commission + Residual Income

    This model is what is used with Adsense Flippers when we first started the site. Still, since selling to Yaro Starak, it was changed to earn us straight commission fees only because he wants his affiliates to focus less on making as many 1 time sales as possible and more on building small lists and retaining those subscribers long-term further digital products releases. This model requires you to be good at creating high-value content that helps people solve problems than selling them something that can help them even further by solving bigger problems within their niche or market they might be in.

    14) Creating and Hosting Your Own Digital Course or Training

    This method is great if you have a valuable digital product in mind that you know people need to learn or master. You can create training or crash course for it where your students pay via a monthly subscription plan then get access to the same content delivered to them regularly but at one go through downloadable resources as long as you keep delivering new content every month at least plus additional bonuses from time to time. If you are not good with creating courses, then look into hiring writers and editors who can help make your ideas come alive so that they get read by others. Otherwise, you might want to hire someone like me who is good at coming up with quality marketing strategies and content.

    15) Selling Your Digital Product on a One Time Fee Basis

    As mentioned earlier, people like one-time payments more because they know from the beginning that they are not going to be charged beyond what you initially asked for, and in this case, you can start getting paid once someone pays for your digital product or service directly without earning a penny more later. The best part about this method is that affiliates who sell products online using PPC advertising platforms such as Google Adsense earn a commission every single time their affiliate link leads to someone making a purchase of any sort no matter how long after being clicked on first. Therefore, if you have created value and quality for someone through your free information, then compel them to pay upfront before showing them the solution; you will be earning a residual income in the long run if they continuously buy from time to time.

    16) Selling Content At A One Time Fee + Residual Income

    This method is different from the previous one because it allows affiliates to earn a commission, but this does not happen every time someone buys what they have sold. You might want to try this method first before going for the affiliate model that provides you with recurring fees, which can add up and make you more money over time as long as you keep providing value by regularly releasing quality content with fresh information added. This is mainly where email marketing comes into play. You would have already built an email list of subscribers who regularly get new blog posts from you before getting any offer that guarantees them new premiums or bonuses on the same digital product.

    17) Earn Commission through Direct Sales

    This way works best when affiliates buy products directly from their online marketplaces then resell those products to others below regular retail prices with the hope of earning commission fees from each person they sell it on behalf of them. You do not need to create anything or build something when you decide to go for this method. Still, it is possible to earn money only when the product sells through your affiliate link and not just any random site that promotes affiliate links. Therefore, you will want to do some research first before going this route to make sure that there is a strong demand for reselling such products; however, if your aim is just making extra cash, then this is something worth looking into, especially top brands such as iTunes gift cards which you can buy in bulk online and sell at local stores or popular public areas like shopping malls where people regularly visit with their own mobile devices in hand.

    18) Make Money off Affiliate Networks Commissions

    Suppose the previous methods do not seem very appealing to you or do not offer what it takes for you to take action by setting up your affiliate programs or selling directly. In that case, this is a good way of earning passive income through an established affiliate network such as ClickBank, which has more than 12 million products ranging from digital items like ebooks, software, and audio tracks right down to physical products that must be shipped directly using any one of their preferred delivery services.

    Therefore, because there are so many products offered through affiliate networks, you can choose to promote any product that has high demand and expect a lot of visitors, or you can choose to promote digital items that have very low prices since even if someone buys them, they will not cost much yet affiliates will earn commission fees on each sale made instantly. Therefore, you should know what it is like being an affiliate and knowing the good vs. bad ratio in terms of using your website, promoting physical products using social media, or simply promoting digital products using one of the largest and most reliable affiliate networks platforms online today.


    If you want to make money with digital marketing, you need to be prepared. You'll have the opportunity for a lot of success in this industry if you do your research and find out what will work best for your business to provide a better service or product than others are offering. There's no point in trying something new without any knowledge because it might not turn into anything fruitful. When people know they're making a well-researched investment, they feel confident about their decision more often than not. Stay up-to-date on trends by reading blogs like ours and learning from those who've been there before!