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  • How to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Showcase Page

    LinkedIn is a platform that professionals utilize for networking. You can apply it to grow your brand if you know the right tricks. The LinkedIn showcase pages are very helpful in showing other people what your company is all about. People would like to know more about your company before they can come up with business initiatives. Taking advantage of the showcase pages on LinkedIn can be a great way to grow your brand. As a platform, it has grown to incorporate several features that make it possible to grow your brand easily. If you know how to take advantage of the different features available on the platform, you can grow your brand. There are LinkedIn company pages and showcase pages. They have different roles to play. People confuse them, but you should get the right to get the best out of the platform. Here we are going to explain different features of the platform:

    1. What is the showcase page on LinkedIn?

    It is an extension of your LinkedIn page. The page is designed to spotlight individual brands. For example, you may have a big company that has several products. The showcase page can be applied to showcase the different products in the company. The page, when created, is listed under the affiliated pages. People who would like to get specific information about your company can go to the specific showcase pages to outline information about a specific product or service.

    2. Are LinkedIn showcase pages worth it?

    Yes, the LinkedIn showcase page has several benefits. You need the page so that you can keep things organized on the platform. For example, if you have a big company that has branches in different parts of the world, you should look for a way you can keep things organized. The LinkedIn showcase page allows you to have different matters covered in specific pages. It is also an easy way to express details about your company so that interested customers can easily know more about your company. Here are some of the reasons why you need the LinkedIn Showcase Page:

    Focuses on your product and service in detail

    Some companies have a lot of products to showcase. You need to try the showcase pages because they offer you room to describe the products in detail. When people are looking for ways to know more about your company, they will go to LinkedIn. You will have the best opportunity to tell people more about your offer's services if you have a well-organized showcase page. The page is beneficial for your company's growth. You can apply it, and it will contribute towards making your potential customers learn more about you.

    Links to your website

    You need to provide links to your website. The showcase pages allow you to have more links to your website where people will get to know more about your business. The main aim of signing up for the platform is to try and make as many people know more about your services and products. The showcase page offers the best opportunity for you to tell the world more about the services and products you offer.

    Increasing brand awareness

    As time goes, your company will grow to become a big organization. The big organization will have different branches where you would like other people to know more about your company. It is possible to know more about the company if the showcase pages have been utilized well. For example, the different pages can cover specific areas of the company. If you offer services, the different pages can be dedicated to specific services so that people interested in a given area can get all the information in the same place.

    Update product specific details

    The page allows you to update product-specific details. For instance, you manufacture several products; you would like people to get more detail about the different products. Through the pages, you will get the opportunity to describe the different products in detail. When the different products are described in detail, it becomes easy for interested customers to learn more about your products and services. They will be in the best position to make buying decisions if they can get all the detail about a given product. You will succeed in making people know more about the products and services you offer if you can go forward and utilize the showcase pages well.

    Drive traffic to your company

    The LinkedIn showcase pages are effective ways to drive traffic to your website. For example, after you create several pages that touch on different aspects of your company, you will provide links to get more information about your company on the pages. There are high chances people will follow the pages to your company website. When people land on your company website, there is a high chance they will do business with you. Ensure you invest in a strategy that will attract more people to your business. If you can start by having links from the platform to your website, then you increase the chances of growing your brand because many people will get to know more about your brand.

    3. What is the difference between a LinkedIn showcase page and a company page?

    The difference between a LinkedIn showcase page and a company page is on their design. A company page is the main page that showcases your company operations in general. A showcase page will be located under the affiliated pages. It is an additional page to the main page of your company website. It can be termed as a specific page that will deal with a narrow issue within your organization. You can compare a company page as the whole organization and the showcase page as a small department within your company.

    4. Where are showcase pages on LinkedIn?

    The showcase pages are located under the affiliated pages section on the main LinkedIn page. If you would like to describe different departments in your big organization, you can have the details described under the showcase pages. The pages are very helpful in allowing you to come up with more details about your company. You can have as many pages under the showcase pages as possible, but you will only have one main page to represent your company. The page can have followers due to the unique content that you will post there.

    5. Benefits of LinkedIn showcase pages

    There are several benefits associated with LinkedIn showcase pages. They create more room for you to express your company. The pages play a crucial role in achieving the best results as you try to grow your brand. Here are some of the benefits of having the showcase pages on your LinkedIn profile:

    Engage different regions using native languages

    You may have a company that has a global reach. In such a case, you need to reach different parts of the world. The showcase pages are beneficial in allowing you to target specific parts of the world, you can use the different pages to target different geological regions. There are some places where people speak a given unique language. You can have showcase pages that target such native languages. They will make it easy to interact with people from different parts of the world and grow your company in the process.

    Managing different brands and products

    If you have several products and services, then you need to showcase them on the social platform. The platform makes it easy for you to manage different products and services. It is an easy way for you to have all details about your company covered. Some conglomerates are known to deal with a wide range of issues. They can be represented on the platform after taking advantage of the showcase pages. People searching for specific information about your company can get them in one place after utilizing the showcase pages.

    Engage different business functions

    Your organization may have several departments that deal with a wide range of functions. You can target the different business functions after you decide to utilize the showcase pages. You can create several pages that will tackle specific issues in your company. For example, if you have a department that deals with public relations, you will have the freedom to utilize the showcase pages and interact with people.

    Highlight different company initiatives

    Your company may have started different initiatives to promote the community. The showcase pages help you come up with different initiatives that will aim to showcase your efforts. People would like to know your company more, and the showcase pages will be a great way to make people know more about the different efforts your company is taking.

    6. LinkedIn showcase page best practices

    There are several tips you need to follow to make your showcase page successful. The LinkedIn page should have a precise topic and issues that it deals with. You will have to utilize the showcase page to cover a specific issue. The LinkedIn company page can be a general overview but utilize the showcase page for more details. Here are some of the best practices you need to bear in mind:

    Have a title

    The showcase page should have a title. People reaching your pages should easily know what the different pages are talking about. The titles should be detailed to make other people know where specific information is located within a short period.

    Provide Description

    The page should have a clear description of the services or products you are about to offer. Come up with specific details, and you will make more people interested in your company.

    Provide Website URL

    The showcase pages should help in driving traffic to your website. You will manage to drive traffic to your website if you can provide a URL. The different pages should have URLs to specific pages where the company will talk more about the products.

    Complete your Page

    Some people forget to complete their pages. The page will have different sections that you need to fill. Take time to fill in all the information if you would like the page to have maximum effort. You should remember other issues as you create the showcase page, including having a logo, an overview section, organization info, and a call to action section. The call to action section is essential to make people get interested in your services.

    7. How to convert the showcase page to a company page?

    To convert a showcase page to a company page, you will have to open the showcase page on your LinkedIn account. After you have opened the showcase page, you will have options where you will have to choose. You can click to change the showcase page into a company page or a company page into a showcase page. Remember, the conversion is irreversible, and LinkedIn will not retrieve data after the conversion. You should be a super admin to perform the task.

    8. How to increase followers on the LinkedIn showcase page?

    There are several steps you can take to increase followers on your LinkedIn showcase page. Here are some of the steps you can take:

    Optimize your Page for SEO

    Pages that rank up on Google will tend to attract traffic from the search results. Start by optimizing your page, and you will start seeing a difference in your followers because many people will discover it.

    Engage your employees

    Your employees can utilize the LinkedIn pages and interact with other people. In effect, they will lead to an increase in your number of followers. If you have several employees and they all engage on the platformer, you will increase the following.

    Add a Follow button on your website

    People who land on your website can easily follow you if you can provide a follow button. Try to come up with the follow button, and you will attract more people. People interested in your services will likely follow.

    Add a Page link to the email signature

    The emails you send to customers from your company can be a great way to increase followers. Include a page link, and they will click to your showcase page where they can end up following.

    Post content regularly

    People would like to get updated on fresh content. You will increase following to your LinkedIn account if you can make the effort of ensuring there are regular updates.