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  • How To Create a Company Page on Linkedin

    A LinkedIn page is an essential component that benefits organizations, companies, and businesses in various ways. One of the ways through which a LinkedIn company page can be of help to your company is by acting as its voice on the platform. This is an excellent opportunity to make other members of the LinkedIn community aware of the existence of your company or business. Additionally, once members become aware of your company, they will be more knowledgeable about what your business is all about. This includes the types of goods or services that your company handles.

    Additionally, the LinkedIn company page also updates members on the available job opportunities that you are offering. Therefore, having a LinkedIn page allows you to form a social and professional network and allows your company to broaden its market scope significantly. In this article, you will learn a lot concerning creating a LinkedIn company page and some of the frequently asked questions about the LinkedIn company page. Therefore, continue reading.

    How To Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

    The primary prerequisite of creating a LinkedIn company page is an already existing LinkedIn personal page. So, if you don’t have a LinkedIn personal account, make a point of creating one. All you need is to make sure that you use your actual first and last names. Here are the steps;

    • Open the LinkedIn homepage and click on the icon displaying ‘Work.’ You will find this icon on the upper right side of the page.
    • Click the section displaying ‘Create a company page.’
    • The third step will require you to choose the category where your company or business falls. You will find four types of pages, including small business, medium to large business, showcase page, and education institution page.
    • In the fourth step, the page will display blank spaces showing you where to enter each information. The information required in this step includes details of your company, the identity of your page, and details of your profile.
    • At this point, you will click on the verification icon. The purpose of this verification is confirmation that you are the authorized representative of that company.
    • Lastly, click on the create page sign, and you have successfully created a LinkedIn company page for your company.

    Why Can’t I Create A Company Page On LinkedIn?

    For you to create your company page on LinkedIn, you must meet some of the stipulated requirements. It would help if you noted that you would not be able to create a company page on LinkedIn without complying with the set requirements. Therefore, the reason why you cannot create a company page with LinkedIn entirely depends on whether you have met all the requirements and whether you have followed the guidelines properly. So let’s go straight to the point.

    • First, you need to understand that you cannot create a LinkedIn company page if you have not owned a LinkedIn profile for more than one week, that is to say, seven days. LinkedIn does not allow a newly registered LinkedIn account to create a company page. This is just a rule that you have to make sure you are adhering to. So, if you are having challenges creating your LinkedIn business page, check how old is your Linkedin account. However there is a trick where you can bypass this frequent problem that everyone is having because they're new to LinkedIn, here's what you do.

    Go to and search “create LinkedIn business page”. You should find a seller on there that will bypass this problem that everyone is having and he’ll do it for you for about $35 if you really need it done asap.
    • Secondly, if there is a variance between your profile and your personal information, you will have challenges creating a LinkedIn business page. It is important to note that some critical information, such as details of your first and last names, is essential, and LinkedIn is hypersensitive to this information. If you do not use your first and last names by any chance, then it means two things. First, you are at risk of being prevented from creating LinkedIn pages, including a LinkedIn company page, and second, you are also going against the set policies.
    • Are you still experiencing difficulties registering a company page on LinkedIn even after complying with the above two requirements? There are high chances that it is the status of your profile strength. You cannot create a LinkedIn company page if your profile strength status is not indicating either ‘All Star’ or ‘Intermediate’ status. Please look at your profile strength to determine whether it is the one deterring you from creating a LinkedIn business page. You will locate the status of your ‘Profile strength’ on your profile’s right side. The significance of your profile’s status is to indicate your profile ranking primarily depending on how active it is. So, note that the more you put in information in your profile, the more it becomes operational, consequently giving you a better profile strength status.
    • On the third point, you cannot create a LinkedIn company page if you have not attained a specified number of connections. Therefore, if you have identified that you do not have multiple connections, work on your networking skills. Having various connections on your LinkedIn account helps to confirm that your profile is genuine.
    • Lastly, you cannot create a LinkedIn company page if you use an email address that is not unique. It would help if you knew that the company’s email address should not include domains like Hotmail and Gmail.

    Can I Create A Company Page On LinkedIn Without a Personal Profile?

    The answer is NO. You cannot create a LinkedIn business page without having a personal LinkedIn profile. As stated earlier, the first requirement that you need to comply with is having a personal profile that has been in existence for more than seven days. Therefore, it is certain that you need to first have a personal profile on LinkedIn to be allowed to create a LinkedIn company page.

    LinkedIn ensures that you have a personal LinkedIn page that will primarily serve to build your professional relationships. Therefore, you cannot create a LinkedIn company page without first having a personal account since this is where you get your connections. As pointed out earlier, you need to have multiple connections for you to be able to create a LinkedIn business page. You will obtain these connections through your personal LinkedIn page. This means that a personal LinkedIn account is essential when starting up a business page.

    Therefore on this note, you must ensure that you include aspects like approvals, skills, activity, experience, interests, and recommendations.

    Are LinkedIn Company Pages Free?

    First things first. Let’s first find out whether there are different versions of LinkedIn company pages. The answer is YES. There are two versions of LinkedIn business accounts. The first one is the basic LinkedIn company page, and the second one is the LinkedIn premium company page. Creating a LinkedIn basic company page is absolutely free. You need to follow the five simple steps outlined at the beginning of this article, and you are good to go. This is where you start.

    On the other hand, LinkedIn gives you an option to upgrade to premium versions. Note that upgrading to premium versions is optional, so you don’t have to worry about premium subscriptions. Therefore, depending on the type of membership you want, LinkedIn company pages’ costs are different. For instance, for a premium business LinkedIn account, you will need to pay a monthly subscription of $59.99 or an annual subscription of $575.88 (

    Therefore if you have just registered a new company or business, you should consider creating a basic LinkedIn company page. Since it is free, the page will significantly boost your company’s performance by introducing it to the online market. Most people use their LinkedIn company pages as an additional online platform. Of course, you can have a company website and, at the same time, extend your online presence by having a parallel LinkedIn company page. Without paying any charges, you will enjoy LinkedIn services as they direct potential clients to your already existing company page after clicking the link of the business name.

    However, it is essential to note that you will spend a lot of time building the influence of your LinkedIn company page, which can be expensive altogether. This means that creating a LinkedIn business page is free, but maintaining the page to gain a huge following is another thing. You will have to invest in both time and money to ensure that you are constantly updating your LinkedIn company page with new, relevant, and helpful content.

    Therefore, before deciding to create a LinkedIn company page, ask yourself if you have a pre-established plan to improve the page’s value through gaining followers. However, remember that you can choose to use LinkedIn as an advertisement avenue. This way, you will have to pay specific fees depending on the type of advertisements. However, running paid advertisements on LinkedIn is optional, but LinkedIn charges you for the services once you choose to market your company through the paid ads.

    .How Do I Create A Company Page On LinkedIn Mobile?

    Creating a LinkedIn company page on your mobile phone is just as easy as creating the page on your laptop. However, there are some slight variations as we are going to see. Here are the six basic steps that you should follow to create a company LinkedIn page on your mobile successfully. All you need is a mobile phone, either Android or ios. Your mobile phone also needs to have a mobile browser like Google Chrome. Let’s get started.

    • The first primary step is to enter the logins of your LinkedIn account and log into the account. At this point, it means that you already have a personal LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, you will have to create a personal LinkedIn account and use it for at least one week before trying again to create a LinkedIn business account.
    • Secondly, ensure that the desktop mode on your phone’s browser is enabled. You can preferably choose Google Chrome.
    • Click on this link ( to access the LinkedIn page for creating new company pages. Note that the link will only work if you comply with step two, enabling the browser’s desktop mode.
    • The fourth step is to select the category where your organization belongs. Since you are the proprietor of the business, you ought to know its type and size, which determines the category that you will select. There are four categories from which you should choose one. They include small businesses, medium to large businesses, showcase page, and educational institutions.
    • In the fifth step, you will be required to enter the necessary information. The information you enter in this stage depends on the page category you chose in step four. Some of the information you will be required to fill in includes the company’s name, company’s website, and URL for the page. Information on the size and type of the business is also crucial. Assuming that you already have your company’s logo, you should also provide it during this step.
    • The sixth step is verification. The primary purpose of this step is to confirm whether the regulatory bodies have legally authorized you to represent the company. You need to look for an icon asking you to verify, and you will be one step away from finalizing the process.
    • Lastly, tap on the create page icon on your phone, and you will have successfully created a LinkedIn company page on your phone.

    How Many Connections Do You Need To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn?

    Do you want to create a LinkedIn company page, but you are not sure of the number of connections that you need for the process to be successful? Worry no more as you will find this information right here, right now. First, I hope you agree that having connections is one of LinkedIn’s requirements for the creation of a LinkedIn account or a LinkedIn page. So, how many connections do you need? For you to be able to open a LinkedIn company page, you need to have multiple first-degree connections on the platform.

    If you have multiple first-degree connections on LinkedIn, you, as the company’s administrator, are generally a member of the LinkedIn fraternity. Therefore, to prove that you are a genuine member of the LinkedIn society, you ought to be a legal representative of the company having more than a few LinkedIn connections. Therefore, more than one LinkedIn connection will secure your pathway to successfully creating a LinkedIn company page.


    Nothing can now stop you from creating a LinkedIn company page for your business. Make your company grow by increasing the sales of your products and services. Also, engage in social and professional interactions as they are essential in boosting your connections. Also, if you wish to enjoy other features of the platform, you can upgrade to a premium LinkedIn business profile.