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  • Facebook | How To Sell and Make Money on "Facebook Marketplace"

    Facebook Marketplace is a platform built in Facebook for users to sell their personal products Used or New Items on sale to other local or national Facebook users on the Facebook Marketplace.

    It is the most convenient, easiest, direct, and practical way to make money in "cash" by exchanging your item for money the old fashioned way which is face to face with the other Facebook user, whereby the Facebook customer arrives at your location to see, inspect and purchase your item on the spot in cash dollars.

    Why is this method such a powerful tool?

    Well, if you need to sell something you have in your home, garage or office or what have you, it suddenly becomes a quick way to list your item on the Facebook Marketplace and have Facebook customers messaging you whether your item is available for them to come around and buy it.

    You don't need any skills or experience or time or things to figure out, as it is an " Out of the box " experience, where the seller just goes on the Facebook Marketplace and just fills out the information of the product, writes some description and takes photos to upload to their listing. A very effective, fast, and simple way to make cash money with Facebook to your local or national Facebook customers without any trouble.

    You don't need a website or hosting service or a tool or traffic, because Facebook has done that for you on automation and gave you all the availability including the traffic for you that it becomes an easy transaction with an easy item to list like that on the go without any trouble with such ease that even a kid can do it.

    Most people are on Facebook and most people you guessed it, view and look at the marketplace just to window show and see if there is anything that arouses their interest to buy something that they want.

    In this Blog article, I am going to tell you:
    1. What you need to know about the Facebook Marketplace
    2. How to make money and how to sell your item in the most effective ways
    3. Where to get products to sell on the FB Marketplace if you don't even have products in your home, office, or garage to sell to
    4. The things you can and can't do, the items you're allowed to sell, and the things you can't sell
    5. What things you need to be aware of, including what takes place and how to handle interested buyers and those you don't want to sell to Including buyer and seller review ratings and everything else in between.

    Facebook Marketplace is like classified sites like Craigslist or Gumtree where you list your items on there and wait for interested buyers. It has become so powerful on the Facebook Marketplace in the last few years because people's social life is on Facebook, and having the opportunity to sell something is so effective as it feels natural to sell your items because Facebook is where people share their life, friends, and family which becomes naturally easy to sell without having skills to sell because of the nature of the platform.

    The reasons why Facebook Marketplace is so Powerful aside from the obvious is:

    • You have social proof that the person has their life on their which creates authenticity
    • You can see a person's Face, their friends, and their lifestyle
    • There is no hidden seller behind the item, everything is in the open
    • The Facebook seller has serious consequences if they break policy
    • A very safe and secured option to sell on as opposed to other classified sites
    • It's Free to list your item, you can even boost your listing for $5 to push it further in the marketplace increasing your odds of getting an interested buyer (s).
    • It's fast without fees and Facebook users can send messages to each other and can meet up anywhere they like.

    So, if that isn't enough - Facebook has Groups, some are open to the public, and some you need to request to join in the group. These groups are called Buy & Sell and many of them have niched their groups into particular categories. So you'd find groups that call themselves Buy & Sell boats, so you'd know that they are selling boats for example. You have so many options to go through and navigate your way to sell your boat or car or motorbike or anything if you request yourself in these groups. Please follow their rules as the Admin is the person that created the group and they have certain rules you should follow like no spamming of what you're trying to sell example 1 post per day etc.

    Facebook Marketplace has an algorithm that has been featured in the Facebook system not that long ago, where they have personalized the Items in the Marketplace based on what you look at and browse. So for example, when you window shop in the Facebook Marketplace and always look at a few kinds of products, such as boats and cars, Facebook will show you mostly boats and cars because they know that these are the products you like to see. So each time a seller places a listing in there, you get to see that every time you open up the marketplace.

    How to Place your Facebook Listing To Make Money

    You have 3 listings to choose from as of writing this Blog article in 2021.

    1. Items
    2. Vehicles
    3. Homes for Sale or Rent
    4. Jobs

    By the way, I have a feeling that Facebook will add extra options under their default 4 listings in the coming future because they realize this Marketplace is so good and so powerful. So be in the know when Facebook starts adding listings like "Businesses" for sale. Realize they will benefit from this because Facebook has an Ad Campaign platform creative system and they will benefit extremely well when they start listing "Businesses" for sale and luring you into using their ads because your buying "online and offline businesses" in the future, it's a win-win situation but a very smart move in my opinion where they can provide and lure you in buying ads from the business that you bought in their marketplace. I have a strong feeling that Facebook might do that in the future, increasing their revenue even more especially since "Apple" stopped allowing Facebook to trace user behavior using their pixel, those kinds of things might come up in the future where Facebook will provide the sale listings for businesses to its users allowing them after purchase, bonuses, credits, etc to motivate the user to use their ad system for extra revenue to Facebook. Aside from that, Yes they will also add other important listings besides my speculation, important listings that they've added including real estate so you can see where they're going with that. They'll be adding a lot more in the future creating amazing value for their users, stay tuned for more listings because they just added 4 very important listings that people buy as shown in the points above.

    1. Click 'Items', which means any product you have in your home, office, or garage unless prohibited which will talk about later down below. So you can sell pretty much anything of 'value' found in your home, office, or garage that's working and still has value. You don't want to be selling trash even though sometimes that may get sold but you don't want to do that, sell good stuff.

    Here are the categories you can sell on Facebook Marketplace:

    • Clothing & Accessories: Bags & Luggage, Jewelry & Accessories, Men's Clothing & Shoes, Women's Clothing & Shoes
    • Electronics: Electronics & Computers, Mobile Phones
    • Entertainment: Books, Movies & Music, Video Games
    • Family: Baby & Kids, Health & Beauty, Pet Supplies, Toys & Games
    • Hobbies: Antiques & Collectibles, Arts & Crafts, Auto Parts, Bicycles, Musical Instruments, Sports & Outdoors
    • Home & Garden: Appliances, Furniture, Garden, Household, Tools

    Click Sell and then 'Items', which will take you to the page where you will be listing your item {Product}. Facebook allows you to upload up to 10 images, so you can upload the image of your item in all angles if you want and in different positions. Please make sure your images are clear and shown clear to the Facebook customer so you can get them sold ASAP.

    Put in your 'title' of the item along with the price, category, condition of the product, and your description.
    with the 'condition' of your item, they give you 4 choices for the reason that the buyer wants to make sure exactly what condition the item is in, so he or she doesn't waste their time coming to see the product and then seeing its condition is not what the seller has provided. The conditions the seller has for the buyer is the following:

    • New
    • Used - Like New
    • Used - Good
    • Used - Fair
    So please choose honestly in regards to the condition of your item. Please don't sell your item if it's not worth the sell, because Facebook only wants good and fair products places in their Marketplace, they don't want crap items on their platform.

    After that, place or input your location along with your postcode so they can show your item where you want the item to get sold.
    You can search for your location or allow Facebook to automatically find your location by default.

    If your selling the item, Facebook gives you extra 'optional details' if you want to make clear about what 'Brand' is the product your selling and the 'Material' it's made from.

    So now towards the very end, you have "listing options" to help you sell in the way you want to sell. If you'd like to sell and not let your friends know that you're selling a particular item so they don't see it in the Marketplace, you can check the box "Hide from friends" so your friends don't see that listing. Facebook also gives you the option to distribute your listing to another market 'Groups' that you've joined like we mentioned earlier under 'List in more places' and you tick any group that you've joined so the listing can appear in that particular group.

    In your Facebook Marketplace area, you can click 'Categories' and from there you will see a range of options. If you click 'Buy and Sell Groups', you have the option to view depending on your area which Facebook Groups you would like to join before listing your item. You would need to wait until you get approved by the admin of that Group first, and once you get approved you can list your item on both the 'Marketplace' and the Particular Group you joined in the listing area under 'List in more places'.

    Your listing will go through a review process and if everything's good, your item will be listed and people will begin to shop.

    A quick disclaimer, items like animals, drugs, weapons, counterfeits, and other similar items are not allowed but will talk about that further down the article.

    2. Click 'Vehicles', so cars you own that you want to sell or if your business-minded, you would buy cars in the auction or second hand private outside the Facebook Marketplace and listing that car in the Facebook Marketplace for more than you've bought it. Will talk about that later on...

    When you click 'Vehicles', Facebook allows you to upload 20 images of your car, so you have enough images of the car's interior and exterior, sides, back, and front. Select your vehicle type:

    • Cars & Trucks: Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, etc...
    • Motorcycles: Street, Dirt bikes, Scooters, etc...
    • Powersports: ATVs, Snowmobiles, Watercrafts, etc...
    • RVs & Campers: Motorhomes, Towable RV's, etc...
    • Boats: Sailboats, Motorboats, etc...
    • Commerical & Industrial: Semi-trucks, Cranes, Tractors, etc...
    • Trailers: Livestock, Cargo Vehicles, etc...
    • Others: Golf carts, Aircraft, etc...

    Go ahead and fill in your vehicle's details, including Year, Make, Model, Body Style, Exterior color, Interior color. You also have an optional tool to select the Transmission of your vehicle type, Fuel type, Engine size, Horsepower, Mileage, including the 'Number of owners'. Fill out Your location-based, price and the description of the vehicle type. Please also make sure you include any details for damage of the vehicle, any accident history, and warranty.

    3. Homes for sale or Rent: You also have access to place a listing if you're looking for people to rent or buy your home, room, air BnB, Parking spaces or Storage areas, etc. You can add up to 10 images for your home rental estate including the Title, Price, Category, Location, and description of the home your selling or renting. You also have the option to input any tags "Keywords" you'd like to use to be easily found under that category.

    4. Jobs: If you're looking for a job, then that's probably one of the best ways you can actually get a job. You can select and type in the jobs that you are interested in under this category. Facebook will then give you all the jobs that are listed for you including other similar jobs by default including your location. So all the jobs that Facebook has now listed and suggested for you are all in your location. Let's say you're interested in being a 'Pizza cook' and you see that listing, click on it and you will see that job's description, their location, when the job was posted including the 'Apply Now button. You can even create a resume on Facebook on that same page of your job listing on the top of the page.

    Facebook Marketplace | Create Resume

    Click 'create a resume' and then click 'Get Started'. Go through the step-by-step resume page and fill in your details including your work experience, Your education, Your Job Skill, Add your certification, license, and awards you've accumulated. Add a Summary of your resume in the box shown to you and if you have a professional work website or profile or a Linkedin Account, make sure you fill in the details. Click 'Preview Resume' and then 'Complete'. Once you have done up your resume, employers would be able to see your resume and job skill and hire you based on what they see, giving them a clear insight into who you are and what you do, and whether you're a suitable candidate for this job role preference.

    Facebook Classifieds Garage Sale

    When you click Garage sale, you will find a host of Garage Sale owners who are hosting a garage sale actively between set days and time of sale including their location. Click on a Garage Sale of your choice, you will see in their description when the Garage Sale is open between times, their address, and a list of the things they are selling.

    How To Make Money on Facebook Marketplace if you don't have Items to sell?

    Here is a list of items you can get at the wholesale price that Facebook customers will go crazy for when you list them on Facebook Marketplace which will become your side income or side hustle:

    1. Alibaba Products
    2. Preowned & Offline Thrift Stores
    3. Facebook's Garage Sale Arbitrage

    You can create an environment in your house, Garage, or Office where you can make so much money through Facebook Marketplace without ever needing a job from now on. Always start with 10 Products first before increase with the demand!

    It's called Alibaba Wholesale Products right here. On Alibaba, you have all the products you can ever dream of in this particular Marketplace. You will need to buy in bulk because that's the business model that Alibaba runs on. Not to worry though, because their minimum bulk order is mostly at least 10 pieces of that product and you will need at least 10 pieces of the products anyways to test your "local Facebook Market". Every local market is different and here, we will show you what products to buy from Alibaba so you know what your Local Facebook Market would love to buy.

    First of all, if you've lived in your area for more than 12 months you would know what your locals like to buy. Besides the point, Here is a list of products that sell on Facebook Marketplace, so choose when you buy from Alibaba.

    1. Household Appliances: If you buy New items from Alibaba in the household appliance niche, your pretty much guaranteed to get sales where ever you are in the world. Since the items your selling is Brand New, your selling volume will increase and Facebook users will be interested and want to buy from you and asking about your availability in when to come over and buy your item.

    2. Computers and High-Quality TV: If your like anyone and you've had your laptop for a few years now, and your pc is giving you signs that it needs a replacement, you start shopping around for a new computer. You look and realize those good laptops in the market costs above $750. Well, you as the seller can buy a few laptops and sell them in the $500 dollar range whereas if they get it from a popular store, they would get it at double the price. So you've saved that buyer double the price. The buyer wants a laptop pretty quickly but doesn't want to spend too much money even though he or she wants a decent laptop.
    HD Smart TVs are also a big one here. Everyone nowadays wants a Smart TV in all rooms of the house for Netflix & chill or to watch YouTube or to Play Video games. You as the seller have the best TVs for them that you got from Alibaba on wholesale and can sell them when the buyer arrives at your place, inspects the TV, and then gives you cash for it.

    3. Garden Tools: Garden tools are always in demand like household appliances. You should have no problem in that area.

    4. Brand New Baby Products: When buying baby items from Alibaba, make sure before you buy in bulk that the items have hazard safety symbols labeled on them so you don't take responsibility for any disputes if the child puts themselves in danger. Brand New baby items always get sold because every day mothers are looking for things to buy for their brand new baby, and you have these items as a 'Facebook Local' in Brand New Condition, you can sell baby products like crazy.

    5. Pet Products: Here's another crazy category that sells like hotcakes. Yes, pet items. You have no idea how fast these items sell on all platforms and in all marketplace. Buying Pet products can not only land you the big bucks, but it can also land you a date with the owner. That's what pets do, and you will be making bank from Pet Products. Don't say I didn't tell you so.

    6. Video Games: That's a niche where you can exploit, because not only do parents look at these but also the kids that look into the marketplace with their iPads look into them as well. When kids see the type of video games or consoles you have that they need, it will be an easy sale, because kids always get what they want from their mom.

    7. Jewelry & Collectibles: People enjoy wearing jewelry especially women, and buying from Alibaba amazing-looking High-Quality Jewelry is an easy catch to sell to. Other people love to buy collectibles, it's their thing, and finding arts and collectibles off of High Quality is a great way to accumulate riches.

    8. Vehicles: This area requires a bit of hustle on your part because even though people are making Bank on the selling of vehicles, you do actually have to go out and you have to know about the conditions of the vehicles that you want to purchase from other places to bring them into the Facebook Marketplace. So you have to be knowledgeable in the buying and selling of vehicles if you're going to make good money from it. You have to test and know the condition and health of the vehicle that your buying from, places like Auctions and private yard sale to sell at a bigger cost on the Facebook Platform. Buying the vehicle is where you make your money, so it's important in finding vehicles that are of good conditions and negotiating with the owner the price at which you'd like to purchase it because again, at the buying price is where you'll make your money because you would know how much you would be placing that car on Facebook, so negotiate wisely at the buy. Another tip is, make sure you also know the "Market Value" of the vehicle so you know how and what to negotiate and how to sell it, and to whom the kind of customer you're going to sell to.

    Preowned & Online Thrift Stores

    Another great way to find items that are cheaper than retail is to go and find these items in Shopping Thrift Stores. Here are great places to find affordable wholesale cheap items to sell on Facebook Marketplace:

    1. ThredUp
    2. eBay
    3. Antique Stores near me
    4. ASOS Marketplace
    5. Wish
    6. Shop Goodwill (Online)
    7. Swap
    8. Salvos

    Facebook Garage Sale Arbitrage

    So what exactly is this strategy? Well, if you remember earlier in this article we mentioned Garage Sale. A garage sale is another great way to find used items that you can purchase to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Take notice of the points we mentioned above about what products/categories sell and strategize from that point each time you visit a Garage sale. You can easily find items $0.20 cents on the dollar and you can make bank. Go and visit many Garage sale places and not just one, you need a variety of Garage sale and you the numbers to work in your favor, so make sure you visit a number of these Garage Sale places in your area.

    Get the items, take them home, Capture great images on all angles, make sure they're clear and show the buyer exactly what the product is about, make sure there is no light reflection, etc... Place the item on Facebook Marketplace and now wait for the motivated buyer to message you.

    Things that you can't Sell on Facebook Marketplace

    1. Products that are not physical and not in your place where you have them. If someone has an online store, you are Not Allowed to promote your online products or your online store if those products are not Physical and immediately available to you.

    2. Services: You can not sell your services on here.

    3. Your images and the description of your listing Must match what you are showing and describing. Remember when you post your listing, it goes through a review process, and if the review team sees that your item is not correlated with the description of the item or vice versa, your listing will be declined.

    4. You can not sell Animals on the FB Marketplace.

    5. Any Healthcare related Products are not allowed.

    6. You can not show proof of results for such product functions/use. i.e Before and After shots

    Things to be careful when selling on the Facebook Platform

    Please make sure who the buyer is and where is he located. Visit his or her profile to make sure they're a local before answering any of their messages. If your selling for the first time, Facebook has awards or badges that they stick on to your seller profile to acknowledge to other Facebook buyers whether your a good seller to buy from, which is a good thing so you know your dealing with an honest optimistic positive people who aren't going to give you a headache or a hard time.

    There are 2 badges so far that Facebook has created to facilitate these positive ratings

    1. Responsive Badge: This badge tells your Facebook community users that you respond fast and well to customer inquiries.
    2. Community Recommended Badge: This badge tells buyers how good of a seller you are, i.e honest, easy to deal with, easy sell, etc...

    If you are selling on a national level on the Facebook Marketplace, you need to consider your Shipping cost in your Price. So for example, if you're selling a smartphone that a Facebook customer wants, and they live in another county, you can ship his or her order via mail and you can negotiate or talk about the delivery cost. Either you include that in your item cost or make it separate from the buyer.

    A quick tip when dealing with shady buyers

    Sometimes you will come across weird people on Facebook because let's face it, the world is full of weird people. So with that in mind, if a buyer is interested in your item and asks for your address, don't tell them your address until they are ready to come to your place 1 hour before driving there. I only say that because let's assume this person who happens to live say 40 minutes away from where you are, says that he or she is interested, asks for the address and you give it to them. Say he or she changed their mind after letting you know that they want to come and buy it. You say, okay no big deal. Well, if this person turns to be shady, he will come to your place because you gave him or her your address, and they will check your house out. Say your out for work, and he or she knows you have that item in your house and you're out at work. Well, he or she can break in and steal it. Just a little precaution just to make sure your aware of these things especially if you have many items that you listed or items that you may have gotten from Alibaba, so just be careful of that. Like I said earlier, always look at that person's profile and see if you feel suspicious of that person. You have the right to ignore any message that comes your way that you don't want to answer if you think that person doesn't look too well.

    Well... I guess that is the end of this massive article! I hope I have shed light and gave you a whopping value in return for your time. I also hope you now know how to make money on Facebook Marketplace and how to do deals with buyers and where to get items to sell if you don't have any items in your home. If you're interested to see the vast amount of different kinds of Business Models that you would like to learn how to make money on, Be sure to visit the Official Make Money Online Marketplace where you can post and talk to other people like yourself on the business models that fits your personality and exchange ideas with. You can share and find mentors, people who are making money online and ask them questions and learn, collaborate and find out step by step on any issues or a business model that interests you, we are here to help you make it big and make you financially free. Visit us right here and sign up so you can post with all other entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and business owners if you found this Blog article really helpful to make money online.