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    What is Alibaba all about? What exactly is Alibaba?

    Alibaba is a massive huge conglomerate holding parent company that has subsidiary groups it pertaining to e-commerce, retail, internet, and technology. It sells to multi-faceted business groups of all kinds ranging from dropshipping, business branding, offline businesses and malls, retail stores, private label companies, and online businesses including third-party individual sellers.
    It also provides manufacturers and factories, supply wholesale chains including the importing and exporting of goods and services.
    If you are even more curious, its subsidiaries include Aliexpress, Alibaba cloud {Hosting Service}, Alibaba Pictures, Adchina {An Advertising Group in the top-tier end for Chinese consumers} including as well as Alisports which for many people don't even know this, but it enhances their business reach to provide sports investments around the world, sports marketing, merchandise, and big data technology group.

    So the question you ask - "How Do I Make Money On Alibaba"?

    Well, the first step you should start is to gather as much information as to what you would like to sell and whom do you want to sell to. later on, ill be talking about the most effective ways you can sell to in terms of platforms and consumer to consumer cough cough Facebook marketplace, eBay, and Amazon, but will get to that later.

    So the first thing you need to do is to visit the Alibaba website so you can browse around this busy marketplace full of products like you wouldn't believe. However, don't let it consume your seller's judgment because of the number of products to the point of having a brand new shiny object syndrome effect because that's bad for business and bad for your choices as you can easily fall in love with their massive alluring products. If you realize, when you get to the site you will see depending on when you have read this blog article that they have a major "Grand Launch" for Dropshippers in which we will talk about the way to go about this business model of dropshipping so you can be on the right road for success if you decide to do dropshipping and have a clear road map. Here is the website for Alibaba Dropshipping.

    The first thing you have to realize for the majority of the people reading this is that you need to choose products that are not "Brand Products". What I mean is that, if you live in the West English speaking countries, trying to sell mobile phones from Alibaba is the wrong turn for you and a huge failure if you do take that approach, which is why I'm writing this blog article so you don't make the mistakes of other people who are ignorant of the facts written over here. You don't want to sell products that are "Brands". Why do you say? Because let's use the mobile phone analogy. People when it comes to their smartphones at least in the west, have already bought in and are massive fans of either Apple Smart Phones or Samsung Smart Phones, so you trying to sell other phones that people are NOT "Emotionally" involved with and don't want to be involved with is the wrong way to go about it, because when it comes to specific products that are made into "Brands", it's pretty clear that you can't compete with that because people buy only Apple phones or Samsung phones. So that's the first major important tip; which is to buy wholesale products from Alibaba that are products and not Products that are brands in the region of the world you live in, so you need to be aware of that as a seller.

    So, in knowing that we go back to the first point of what products or niches are you going to sell? The answer is any product that has the following attributes down below:

    1. A Product/Category that has a Demand In the Marketplace { We will tell you how to find that below }
    2. Solves A Problem or an Inconvenience
    3. Easy to Sell to
    4. The product has a Video to demonstrate what it does { Which is Very Important }
    5. Clear HD Images to pertain High Value
    6. Great Description of the Product

    • First of all, Numbers don't lie and if numbers don't lie, well then you must go by the numbers. So, let's solve your first problem which is how to find a product or a category that is in high demand. By the way, this skill alone will solve your problem in different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else around the world. So go to Alibaba website and let's say we go with 'Consumer Electronics'. Now don't forget, not all categories are created equal in the sense of what we talked about earlier, which is picking a product that is not a product brand because otherwise, you're playing a losing game. You want to choose a product that consumers "don't care" about the branding aspect of it because they just want to "Solve their problem" that they are having or an Inconvenience that they are experiencing. So let's go with the example of consumer electronics, it's preferable if you use your laptop to see clearly on a desktop interface so you can absorb what I'm about to explain to you. Click Consumer Electronics and then click a sub-niche of that category. Let's go with "Selfie Stick". Now to find out if this kind of product sells like crazy, your next step is to visit Alibaba's subsidiary website which is you guessed it "Aliexpress" to find out if "Selfie Stick" has a demand, so you need to open a new window and visit Ali express and then in the search bar, type in "Selfie Stick" and search. Now in the top area of the website after you clicked to search for "Selfie Stick", you see a bunch of filter options, I need you to click next to Sort by: "Orders". When you click orders, what that is saying is, find me the number of orders that people "their usually third party sellers who are making BANK on these products on their Amazon & eBay store by the way } have purchased. So now you have a clear shot and confirmation that "Selfie Sticks" has a high level of demand in the marketplace. So that's how you would it when it comes to buying wholesale products from Alibaba, and finding that product or category, going to Aliexpress to see by "orders" how many people have purchased this kind of product and then making your decision right there if there is any demand.

    Here is the biggest value that you will get so far in this article if you want to make a bank. Stay on Ali express for a second. To find what is the best selling in the year that you live in, say for example wherein 2021 at the moment, in the search bar search for "2021" just like that, you would get over 24 million results {products}. Now click "Orders" and you will get a guaranteed plethora amount of High selling Demanding products all laid out for you to have the pick of the litter to choose any product you desire because you now have all high selling products right in your very eyes, and now it's up to you to choose which products you find amazing that you would like to sell. Once you find that particular product, go back to the Alibaba website that you have there and get that exact same product. Now you're dealing with Alibaba which facilitates "Bulk orders" because that's what Alibaba is all about, making transactions with companies, retailers, individual business owners, third party sellers, etc that are going to buy a particular product in high bulk order. The minimum you can buy in many of those manufacturers/suppliers is at least 10, and 10 is a good number to start with.

    Another quick trick you can use and see on the Alibaba website when searching for the product that you found out is in high demand, you can clearly see if you're using a laptop on the right side of the product, the name of the manufacturer/supplier. Look at where it says "Transaction Value" because that's also a way to show you how much this particular supplier has made in the past 6 months and that should give you a good read about the manufacturer/supplier.

    We will however be talking about what inclination you have, meaning in what way are you trying to sell these products since your going to be dealing with buying bulk. We will also be talking about how would you go about that in a Dropshipping strategy later on...

    The second pointer here is "does it solve a problem or an inconvenience"? well, if we're going after a product that has high demand which we have demonstrated above, then that by default automatically covers the issue of solving a problem or an inconvenience by itself.

    The third question we need to ask ourselves is, is it easy to sell. Well, that depends on how are you planning to sell it, through which medium or platform which we will cover later on. In my humble opinion, buying in bulk a high demand product, delivering these bulk products to your home or office, and then selling each product on Facebook Marketplace is a Powerful way to sell people knowing that it is going to sell anyway, and for the person that doesn't like to deal with selling online in the aspect of Amazon or eBay or your own e-commerce store "Dropshipping" etc, the next best thing which is still "very effective" is to sell to your area or region or county on the Facebook Marketplace Platform, will talk about that later.

    Here is a technique that would go a long way with your selling strategy where ever you are planning to sell to. You need to have a video demonstrating to people about the product, now usually most of the time that product has a video either by the supplier on Alibaba or on Aliexpress or by searching on it on YouTube since it's a High Demanding product there is a very high probability that is has a video on it showing how the product is used. A quick tip, most of the time if there is no video demonstration of the product, usually means that the product is not in high demand for it to have a video demonstration, but again, products with high demand nearly always has a video of it, which must be included in your Store or Facebook marketplace or anywhere where you're trying to sell on. Videos are very important these days, as now people's consumption is mostly videos, and so providing a video of the product demonstrating its features and usability is a really good way to make the consumer purchase that product or reach out to you on Facebook Marketplace telling you that their interested and 'what time can I come' kind of interest. You can be making bank from your own home if you apply this strategy with the Alibaba products.

    Another important aspect of the chosen product that is in high demand is the fact that you need to show "images" of the product in a very clear HD frame to show 2 things as a seller; that your an authentic seller and it also shows that your product is high value. These metrics need to be in place because the buyer needs to feel that they bought this item from a good source or from a good seller.

    Lastly at the end of the attributes required in relation to how do I Pick a product is yes of course "the description" of the product. So with the description, make sure you have a title that is the keyword title that everyone uses for the product, don't personalize the name or title of the product too much otherwise it wouldn't be seen by people who are doing "intent search" of that said product. However, the description can be personalized in your own way of course and that's how you can be flexible in describing the product. You also need to mention important facts about the product, including its "Features" and what it does to solve that problem or inconvenience.
    Make sure also you have details of the specification of that product, so customers know what to expect when they get the product, metrics like how heavy is it, does it require installation, and if so, does it come with a user guide, including the size of course. Always make sure the product that is in demand looks alluring, shows High Value, Shows it can solve the problem, and if your selling it online make sure you have "Free Delivery" to get the customer to make an assured purchase or an impulse decision because you got rid of any objections or doubt long before ever thinking should I need this product or not.

    When picking and choosing the product you want to sell, there are a few things to check out before picking the product from a particular supplier.
    Make sure the supplier/manufacturer has these safe certificate symbols in place.

    1. Trade Assurance { For insurance purposes }
    2. Verified Supplier { To know they Legit }

    These two are the most important so you can do business with them knowing that they won't screw you over as long as they have at least these 2 safety certificates. The less important parts of these suppliers are how long have they been in business, their review stars, and what clients are saying in their reviews.

    Now Lets quickly talk about how you "the seller" need to communicate to the suppliers and manufacturers on Alibaba so you know what to expect when you talk to them and not have a hard time or be confused with such words or phrases that might come in the conversation when talking to them so you can be on the ball and not give off any vibe that your a new person launching a new business, it's better if you come off as an experienced person talking to them with a business mindset, it's not scary so don't be bothered by that, it's just a normal process part of the dialogue.

    1. The international language they use with their clients is English so you should have no issue here.
    2. Please use basic language and don't complicate your English words so much otherwise both of you will not understand each other.
    3. Always clarify the call to action on the things that you both decide on. clarify, verify and double-check to make sure they understand what you both are going to do. But please do not give them a hard time in the dialogue area otherwise they'll think your not a serious buyer and they'll ghost you, so keep things in a mild milo way.
    4. Now obviously you can ask for a sample or few samples and they'll be happy to offer you samples of the product so you can decide if you still want to sell the product. Some suppliers and manufacturers will give you free samples of the product you just have to pay for the delivery. Many times, however, you do have to pay for the samples but that's okay because they're always usually way cheaper than what they are selling it on wholesale so there shouldn't be an issue here.
    5. Make sure you know their abbreviated language code when it comes to the business language of things. The most popular term used between you and Alibaba is MOQ { Minimum Order Quantity } which means the minimum amount your allowed to order and nothing less than that MOQ number.

    Now let's talk about Dropshipping on Shopify...

    Dropshipping with Alibaba is a new thing if your reading this blog article in 2021, as mentioned earlier Alibaba has now started a "Grand Launch" for Dropshippers. Dropshipping was only used mainly via Aliexpress and not Alibaba, and now Alibaba has done a few changes and launches and now the grand tour is here for all dropship lovers, and again this strategy I'm about to explain for Dropshippers is slightly different than what I explained above, however, the demand of the product explained above remains the same so nothing changed in that aspect.

    So let's begin... Here is the link to the Alibaba Grand Launch for Dropshipping

    Now usually when you start this business model of dropshipping, most people use Shopify to dropship products to customers so that's what we're going to use for this blog article.

    Sign up here for Shopify and name your business whichever suits your store or Niche. After creating your store, go to the app section of Shopify and add the app Alibaba and connect your store with the Alibaba App.

    Now you have the link for the Alibaba Grand Launch just above, and it is the channel on the Alibaba site for dropshipping. Make sure you sign in to Alibaba before importing products. Now, the same thing applies when choosing a product, make sure it's a product with all the 6 criteria /rules in choosing a product {above}. Begin choosing the product and importing them to your Shopify store and again make sure those 6 rules I mentioned above are applied. Also, please take notice of the shipping fees involved in these products and make sure the cost of shipping is included with your "retail price". Obviously, the price you see here on Alibaba's Dropshipping website is in "Wholesale" { I'm assuming you know that }, so make sure you have good and spacious enough profit margins to counteract the cost of shipping and advertising if you're going to advertise which we will be talking about that later on.
    Also, let your customers know if you're doing dropshipping that they are aware of the processing and delivery times because they are two different things. Processing time comes first and then the delivery time comes second, so make sure that's filled into your dropshipping store and make sure also it's in every product description.

    Now how you advertise as a Dropshipper is very important depending on where your customers are located. If you're going to be using Facebook and Instagram, then make sure you target the right audience. Also, make sure your ad copy is powerful enough to get them to click and purchase. If for example you chose a product that is in high demand and let's say it's a "selfie stick". In facebook's ad campaign, under "interest" look for "selfie stick", if it's not there, look for a subcategory in the area of selfie stick if selfie stick is not found in facebook's interest algorithm ad.

    In my humble opinion, placing your Shopify dropshipping store on the Google Search Engine is a very powerful tool. People on google are always doing "Search Intent". I'm gonna guess that there are at least 1 million + people who are searching on Google for "Selfie stick", and if you're showing up on Google's first or second page, then you're getting free high-quality intent traffic which is exactly what you want. So if you're going to go through that route, make sure you submit your Shopify store to Google Console and verify your website, and create a press release { for External Links } to make sure you start ranking as an E-commerce dropshipping store for the sub-niche of Selfie Sticks. PR Distribution is a great press release out of Las Vegas Nevada and make sure you use the package tier that contains "Google News" so you can show up on google news. In your press release make sure you use the keyword "selfie stick" many times in that press release so you can help Google rank your website for that keyword.

    Alibaba Branding on Amazon FBA

    Making money online with Alibaba's Brand strategy is extremely powerful and has a fair extra skill to it because you would be placing your own logos and labels on the products that the supplier and manufacturer of Alibaba will be doing for you.

    Alibaba Brands via Amazon FBA is a whole different ball game and I'm going to make it as clear and precise as possible, in the most shortest way I can explain this.

    When it comes to your own personal private label for the products that you find on Alibaba, communication between you and the supplier must be on point with clarification and private Branded samples being made before any bulk Mass order gets manufactured.

    The first step you should take to create Alibaba Private Label Brand Products Via Amazon FBA is the following:

    1. Choose The Product/Niche on { Make sure there's a Demand }.

    2. Create your Logo and Product label Image in a High-Quality Format either in PNG or VICTOR or in a PDF File, because that's what they require with their systems. If you don't know how to create your image logo or product label, go and visit Fiverr and hire a graphic designer to do that part of the work for you.

    3. Contact the supplier on Alibaba and tell them your an Amazon FBA Seller and send them your Logo Image and Lable. Ask for samples of that product Once they have placed your logo and or label on that product. Then receive your private labeled samples and take High-Quality Images and videos if you can.

    4. Open and Sign up for Amazon FBA assuming you like the product sample that you received from the manufacturer.

    5. Create your product listing { most likely already created by other third-party sellers that you can use } or if you want to create a brand new listing, then you would need to apply and purchase a separate ASIC or GTIN number or ISBN number to create your own personal amazon listing of that said product.

    6. Create and upload your images, descriptions, and videos including product specifications from the private labeled samples that you received. Always remember, start with the lowest MOQ for Amazon FBA, because what sells on one platform doesn't mean it's going to sell on Amazon. So always start with somewhere between 10 to 50 pieces of that product as a trial to see if they are going to sell on Amazon.

    7. After creating your listing successfully, Ask the supplier on Alibaba to produce for you 10-50 pieces of that product. Do not go over that number, because even Amazon has a strict and limited number of products you're allowed to send to their fulfillment center as a New Seller, so 10-50 pieces is a great way to start and test the market on Amazon.

    8. Amazon FBA tells you clearly what you need to do for the supplier to pack your products "in a particular way' and for the labels to be in a particular place around the packaging, so please follow the guidelines of Amazon FBA's rules and let your supplier know that Amazon FBA wants it that way, etc.

    9. Amazon FBA, after creating your product label inside your FBA account, will tell you the address that they want your supplier to send to that particular address of their fulfillment center, it's also mentioned in the label that Amazon gives you to give to the supplier at Alibaba that will stick to the package box, and Alibaba will stick it in the appropriate place and the address is clearly shown for them on where to send the products.

    10. After 2 weeks depending on the shipping courier you chose to ship with, your listing will become active and live. Amazon FBA will receive your products and they will automatically distribute your products and your listing will go live.

    The Fastest Way To Make Money Online With Alibaba

    So in this pretty much the last section of this blog article, I am going to reveal to you the fastest way possible you can make money with Alibaba without the logistics and distributions of products.

    The fastest and most efficient way to make money fast with Alibaba is to get the products delivered straight to your house and sell to your county/regional area on Facebook Marketplace. You will make money CASH as customers will be visiting your house and paying you in cash. You don't need to private label anything, just choose the products that are in high demand, not Branded products like a smartphone.

    Here is a list of Product categories that suits well into the minds of the consumers when it comes to purchasing items that are in the customer's mind, a product that makes their life easier, convenient, or solves a problem.

    1. Consumer Electronic Gadgets, NO Smartphones.
    2. Clothes For Men's & Women
    3. Garden Tools
    4. Pet products
    5. Kitchen and Appliance Products

    The fastest way to make money with Alibaba is to choose from the above product niches mentioned above, have a bulk order sent to your house, start with 10-50 pieces of that product just in case they fail to sell on Facebook Marketplace so you don't lose much.

    Receive the products and start posting them on Facebook Marketplace. The biggest effect or result you will have is if you live in a big city. If you live in a big city, you have a wide range of supply and demand. Make sure you take great images preferably in a white background and do deals with customers on Facebook Marketplace. This is by far, by removing all the logistics of things done online, all you do is pick a product that people find demanding and sell to Facebook Marketplace is the biggest under utilized method known to people around the world for whatever reason especially in these times. Most of the time, when you go onto Facebook Marketplace, most of the things people are selling is the second hand used goods or even third hard or yet products that are really bad and usually, lots of junk is being posted on Facebook and when you come out of nowhere and create products that are "available" in your own house, products that are Brand NEW never opened or used, you will have the biggest money-making opportunity right there, destroying everyone in your path trying to sell their overused trashy items. You could be making BANK on this strategy alone, and since it's a tax-free strategy, a great side hustle that pays you cash is the most unbeknownst under utilized greatest method yet to be exploited by the go-getter, dreamer, and financial freedom player.

    A few Tips about Alibaba before finishing off this blog article

    Is it safe to buy on Alibaba?

    As mentioned in this blog article, Buying products from Alibaba is safe if you are transacting with suppliers that have at least 2 sources of certificates displayed for the client. A "trade Assurance certificate and a Verified Supplier" is the safe way to protect your buying dollars and transactions will be safe knowing that you have made business with reputable verified suppliers who have been in business for a long time with reviews from other clients giving them ratings which is available to the general public.

    Why is Alibaba so cheap?

    Alibaba is situated in China and its currency power is lower than the dollar. Not to mention the fact that they are dealing with most clients who are happy to do business with them because of their currency exchange between the US dollar and the Chinese yuan. Also, don't forget the fact that Alibaba is selling Wholesale prices so obviously wholesale is way cheaper than retail price and they also have to do deal with packaging and manufacturing, so keeping their costs down in all facets of their business model is very important to take advantage of the US dollar from clients coming from outside of China who are transacting with the Dollar, so it's a win-win situation.

    How big is Alibaba?

    Alibaba has millions of buyers who are actively transacting with them on a daily basis. Many people compare Alibaba with Amazon as who's the biggest. Alibaba has more than 3 million suppliers and manufacturers all over the china peninsula and has more than 6,000 product categories/Niches

    Thank you for taking the time on finding out "how to make money now with Alibaba". I hope you now know exactly what to do with this valuable information and insights that you were not aware of before reading this blog article. You now know how to make money with Alibaba, so are you going to start the process today?..

    If you're looking for a different business model that you see fit depending on your personality, visit the "Make Money Online" Marketplace where you get to collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and side hustlers like yourself to Post and share on each other's walls, posts, blogs, and articles. It is an open highway for everyone on this website to make money online and to choose the best business model that you see fit.

    Thank you Everyone and Go Make that Money from Alibaba Now!