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  • How To Make Money From Home

    Did you know you can work from home and still get paid? Yes. Working from home is a perfect way to supplement your income. Having an extra side hustle doesn't need to be complicated. There are endless opportunities that you can venture in both online or starting a small business. Here are different ways you can make money from home.

    1. Complete online surveys

    Most companies use feedback from clients to fine-tune their products and services. To gather information, those companies tend to pay people to answer their survey questions. Websites like MyPoints, Swagbucks, and Branded Surveys offer paid surveys from different businesses.

    To complete online surveys, you need to sign up with survey companies by filling in your username, email address, and password. If there's a new survey, they will notify you through email. Most survey companies pay the money earned through gift cards or PayPal.

    2. Sell household items on eBay or Amazon

    Did you know that you can make money from home by selling your household items? Companies such as Amazon and eBay offer a platform to list an item you want to sell.

    To list an item, you need to create an account with Amazon or eBay. Next, take pictures of the things you want to sell, post them, and quote the price of each item. If there is an interested buyer, they will contact you and make payment and delivery arrangements.

    3. Become a virtual assistant

    Most online companies employ virtual assistants to help them in delivering their services. You can make extra cash by lending your services as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants help in scheduling appointments, uploading images to sites, and making phone calls.

    How much money you make as a virtual assistant depends on your skill level and the number of hours you spend working. Most virtual assistants earn about $7-$40 an hour. To start working as a virtual assistant, you can sign up to sites such as Upwork. Alternatively, you can market your skills through social media platforms.

    4. Bake or meal preparation for others

    If you like preparing special treats and baking, you can start preparing meals for others. Visit offices and propose to be preparing meals for the employees who don't have time to go for lunch breaks.

    Moreover, you can earn $300 a month by baking birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, and many more. If you get more customers, you can make this business your full-time job.

    5. Freelance writing

    Many high school and college students earn extra income from online writing. If you have a passion for writing blog articles and web copies, this could be the best option to make money online.

    For a starter, you can create your blog or website and monetize it. Alternatively, you can sign up with writing portals like Textbroker and start earning. Some freelance writing sites will require you to do a test before you join them. After passing the test, you will fill in the payment option. Most sites use PayPal and Pioneer as their payment method.

    6. Online tutoring

    Online tutoring is a personal way to earn money by selling your expertise. Unlike most online courses, tutoring sessions allow you to have one on one conversation with your students. However, you can accommodate as many learners as you can handle.

    To make it an online tutor, you need to stick to a subject you know very well. Use a high-visibility venue and price your services in line with what others are charging. You can choose to promote your services yourself or use reputable platforms that will do it on your behalf.

    Alternatively, you can sign up with platforms that offer tutoring services such as Education First and Chegg. Most online tutoring sites pay per hour or sessions on the chosen subjects. In most cases, sciences tutors earn more than languages and humanities tutors. You can earn up to $1,000 per month by tutoring in prolific sites.

    Before you sign up as an online tutor, ensure your computer meets the platform's requirements and you have a stable internet connection. If you want to teach English as a foreign language, you need a TEFL certification to be accepted to work for some sites.

    7. Freelance editing and proofreading

    Freelance editing and proofreading involve selling your grammatical skills. Unlike freelance writing, editing and proofreading involve checking grammatical mistakes on the already written piece.

    1. Freelance Editing. As a new editor, you need to start small. You can find a professional editor to guide you until you've mastered the skills. You can also look for project-based copy editing jobs. Once you've outgrown working under a professional editor, you can now look for editing jobs on job boards like Mediabistro and Upwork. Depending on your skills, you can be a copy editor, assistant editor, managing editor, web editor, or manuscript editor.

    2. Freelance proofreading. To make as a freelance proofreader, you need to attend a proofreading course like Proofread Anywhere. The course will help you establish credibility among your employers. Depending on your skills, you can choose to be a general proofreader or a technical proofreader.

    8. Pet sitting

    You can earn money from home by starting a doggy daycare. If you get along well with pets, why not take care of your neighbors' pets when they are away? You need to invest in commercial insurance, organized recordkeeping, marketing, and legal services like other formal businesses. You will attract more customers if they know their pets are safe with you.

    9. Rent out your clothes

    Do you have clothes that you don't use but are in good condition? You can make money from home by renting them out. Companies such as StyleLend, RentNotBuy, Loanables allow you to use their platform to rent out your clothes.

    How much you get depends on the number of people who rent out your items. Renting out unused clothes is an excellent option to supplement your income.

    10. Software and game Reviews

    You can get paid to test new software, games, and consoles. Like any other formal job, software and game review requires you to spend time and energy trying. To start working as a game and console tester, sign up with networks such as Keywords Studio is a platform that helps many game developers to market their products using minimal bugs.

    Unlike regular game-play, testing new games requires you to have unique traits such as:

    • Undivided attention to details.

    • A professional-grade in gaming setup.

    • Flexible schedules that meet the client's demands.

    What you earn depends on the number of hours you spend gaming. Some companies pay from $15-$50 per hour. If you are a diligent game tester and prefer working on a full-time basis, you can bag up to $50,000 per year.

    11. Translation

    Although translation software is taking a better share in the market, human translation is still widely used. If you have good translation skills and fluency, you can venture into the translation industry.

    There are plenty of translation jobs that you can get online. You can embark on marketing your translation skills by cold-pitching or through recognized websites like Upwork. Earning varies widely from person to person. For example, Entry-level translation work pays $10 per hour while advances technical translation jobs pay more than $50 per hour.

    To maximize your income as a translator, sign up to beginner-friendly platforms such as Gengo. Once you learn the loopholes, you can become an independent translator and outsource your clients who pay way better than translation platforms.

    12. Remote call centers

    Confident that your technical support skill will meet international communication standards? You can work with remote call center operators. Although the requirements vary from company to company, you need to have a fast internet connection, headset, and a desktop or laptop with high RAM.

    If you're persuasive, personable, and believe in yourself, you can make real money selling your voice. You need to have strong salesperson traits to make good cash. You can sign up with companies such as LiveOps to learn how remote calling works for a beginner.

    You can choose the niches that you’re comfortable with, such as roadside assistance routing, insurance claim processing, and health care consumers.

    13. Renting out unused space in your home

    Do you want to maximize your income potential? You can rent out empty spare rooms in your compound. You don't have to find a long-term client to earn extra income. You can use apps like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo to rent your room to travelers on a daily or weekly basis.

    How much you charge for your room will depend on the prevailing rent in your area, the space size, privacy, and amenities available. If you are renting out to companies like Airbnb, consider the following factors:

    • Is your family comfortable in welcoming strangers into your home?

    • Are there any local regulations that you need to follow?

    • Does your home have pets?

    • Who will cater for cleaning services and who will be paying for it in case of any damage?

    • Are you available in case your tenant needs any help?

    14. Social media management

    Apart from using social media to enjoy yourself, you can generate a good amount of cash. Recently, most companies are using social media to increase exposure and market their products.

    Remember that social media management might require you to do an extra course to get long-term rewards. You can send your proposal to different companies indicating why your services are essential to that company. You can manage as many companies as your schedule will allow you.

    15. Transcription

    If you are a fast typist, you can make money by transcribing people's spoken words into legible, accurate text. You don't have to be a professional in the field you're transcribing for, like medical or law transcripts.

    However, for you to become a professional transcriber, you need to complete an intensive transcription course. You can choose to market your services online or use platforms such as Rev and Gotranscript.

    16. Sell your photos

    Do you have a passion for taking photos? You can monetize your passion by selling your images to stock photography websites. You can capture fancy photographs and upload them to any of the websites. If any magazines, designers, editors, or organizations are interested in using them, they will have to buy them from you.

    How much you make depends on the number of photos sold. For you to increase the sales of your photos, ensure they are of high quality and attractive.

    17. Cashback and coupons

    Technically, you need to buy something to earn coupons. It's more of a discount but will help you make extra money. The most common way to get cashback is by using a cash-back credit card.

    On the other hand, you can use a browser extension such as Capital One shopping that helps you find cheaper products online.

    18. Rent out your car

    This option suits those who own a car and spend most of their time at home. You can use platforms like Turo to rent out your vehicle. If you sign up with a reputable vehicle renting company, you can earn up to $1,000 a month. All you need to have is a Smartphone with a vehicle renting app and a well-maintained car.

    19. Enter data online

    Most companies need help in updating their databases. For example, medical and legal companies are required to add client's documents every day. To help out, you can get paid to enter data in your free time. You can sign up to online platforms such as craigslist to get data entry jobs.

    Before you embark on any methods mentioned above, ensure you do your due diligence to avoid losing money and time. Remember that the ideas above aren't necessarily about starting a home business that needs a complicated startup process but relatively quick ideas to fix your financial status.

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